Various Artists – Fabric 61 Mixed By Visionquest – (Fabric)

visionquestVisionquest kicks off their Fabric odyssey by telling us ‘just relax, man’ – the lines from Tin Man’s ‘Wasteland’, which opens the compilation. Atmospherics cross over the sound picture in Konrad Black’s deeper than deep ‘Doodimbouttogay’, while the much vaunted Franco Cinelli remix of Cassius’ ‘The Sound Of Violence’ is a fine addition. What this mix does really well though is showcase the different elements of the Visionquest label, and at the end it really comes into its own with Tale Of Us & Footprintz. Perhaps the big standouts, though come towards the middle of the mix – where Loosefingers’ ‘Winterflower’ and My Favourite Robot’s ‘Forest Fires’ cast a sense of timelessness, a pretty impressive thing to achieve in the course of a 70 minute compilation. The Visionquest quartet do full justice to their label’s sound here, with this house and techno bliss wrapping up what has been a pretty stellar 2011 for them all round.

5 out of 5

Reviewed By Ben Hogwood