The funk forms the basis of Florian Keller’s second collection of obscure and disparate tunes from the depths of archives deep enough to entertain tap-dancing maggots. Although it kicks off with Charmaine Burnette’s treatment of pop reggae standard ‘Am I the Same Girl’, the low, fatback groove is then established by the fatback vamp of the Baker Brothers’ ‘Piece Of Kind’ and doesn’t let up through likeminded funky expeditions from names like Pnu Riff, The pan-Atlantics and Natural Self. But there are detours too like Travis Blaque’s leah Betts-namechecking rap on the wittily-titled ‘Vowel Movement’ and Sarah Vintonspreading her cool vocals on the reversed groove of ‘Thinking Backwards’. Tempo is upped for Orgone’s take on ‘Funky Nassau’ and Orgone’s romp through ‘Funkyu Nassau’. Intriguing and fun.

4 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Kris Needs