Ever since back in the day this guy has contributed to the drum and bass sound and not for a little while now has he released anything on his own imprint. Now aiming to go forward from where he left off he gives to us two very special tracks. Starting with ‘No Joke’, a low slung roller with Photeks signature sound stamped all over it, this one is special as it lays to rest over 12 years of talking and makes a reality out of Photek & Fabio composing a track together. Los Angeles based vocalist Chiara announces ‘this ain’t no joke bro, we got this game locked’ working well with the rolling breaks and filtered synths creating a deep and soulful vibe.’Baltimore’ on the flip is possibly one of the hardest tracks Photek has ever made! Going in for the kill he combines dark and deadly reeces with demon breaks and babylonic effects with a male vocal announcing ‘Real Heavy’ getting you ready for the apocalypse to come. Two big tunes getting a lot of play right about now proving that these guys really don’t joke…

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Danny Shutdown