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Bah Samba - Shake The Dog

The long awaited exciting new album project from Bah Samba titled 'Shake The Dog' is released on Favouritzm. 3 years in the making, this incredible selection of songs sees band leader Julian Bendall bounce between New York City, Brighton and everywhere in between! With the help of executive producer and close friend Ben Johnson (Syam), he's rounded up all kinds of heavyweight singing stars, musicians and indeed characters to be involved on the project. The result is a rich tapestry of real heartfelt music that weaves between delicious soulful house, ghetto fabulous grooves, hip-swaying jazzy boogathons and sun-drenched love songs.  Sporting an all star cast, guests on the album feature a gaggle of soul-sista vocalists: Monique Bingham who sings on the soulful smash 'Run' and 'Do It'; Alice Russell who appears on 'Tired Little One' and Bah Samba's current single 'Have You Got Your Bootz On?', Brooklyn's Anna Cavazos on 'Sabor', Copenhagen's Liv Lykke on 'Moonlight', Atlanta's Nadirah Shakoor on 'Spring And Autumn' which also features birdsong from Club Shelter's Byrd, famed for her black bean stew in Shelter, who's birdsong acted as an alarm to let clubbers know that food was ready. Also featured on the album is Daddy's Girl (a famous songstress who we can't name) who appears on 'It's Just Your Love', Princess, a Times Square “lady of the night" who was hired and delivered an incredible honest spoken word about Pimps and Bronx Poet, Tanto on 'Planet'. And not forgetting all of Julian's Brighton chums who enjoyed a cheese and wine party on the street for 3 hrs to record a 12 second vocal for the album title track! 'Shake The Dog' also employs the talents of top NY producers Quentin Harris, Filsonik, Sting International and Jephte Guillaume, along with homegrown UK talents Ashley Beedle and Phil Asher. Bah Samba the band include keys wizard Julian Bendall, Oli Savill - percussion (Basement Jaxx), Mark Ralph - guitar (from a famous rock band), Tristan Banks - drums (Da Lata), Dom Glover - Trumpet (Groove Armada) and Nichol Thompson –Trombone -oh and the kitchen sink!

5 out of 5

Reviewed By A.Rash

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