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lovelockDon't come calling for the new Lovelock album if you're not open to an 80s throwback session. Do, however, stay and dance your feet off if you're up for some big room, hands in the air action – because the opening track to this album, ‘Burning Feeling', will get the adrenalin pumping straight away! Huge beats, big, chunky synths and a vocal that carries all before it – those are the features of one of the strongest pop songs you could wish to hear. Think Passion Pit combined with Aha and you're half way there. In the end this album settles to give something for everyone, with the slow burning ‘South Beach Sunrise' managing to get away with a saxophone solo and ‘New Age Of Christ' and ‘Maybe Tonight' offering something a bit more lively. The man behind Lovelock is Steve Moore – him of Zombi and Gianni Rossi – but this could be his biggest success to date, if this accomplished album that puts a smile on your face is anything to go by.

5 out of 5

Reviewed By Ben Hogwood

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