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Hard To Find Classic Rare RemixesJust because a mix is classed as ‘rare' doesn't always mean it's going to be good – and it's interesting to hear these two CDs of buried treasure from the 80s and 90s. Not all of it has aged as well as you would hope, but there is more than enough to be going on with here – despite the presence of Simply Red. The pick of the crop is headed by the Chemical Brothers' remix of Leftfield's ‘Open Up', a rather natty Andrew Weatherall remix of The Grid's ‘Floatation' and – that real rarity – a mix of Todd Terry's that hasn't been available very much, his take on Sub Sub's ‘Space Face Techno'. Lovers of 80s pop will appreciate the Simply Red, Hall & Oates and ABC inclusions, though it's doubtful the latter two add all that much to the original. You pays your money…

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