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The Weird & Wonderful World Of GlitchLots of us like to give our music a name or a handy compartment to drop in to, and sometimes that's helpful – which is probably why the iLabel have decided to give this selection of twelve the 'glitch' label. Whether that helps or not will be up to you – but safe to say there is some excellent music here, sensitively blended by Al-Pha-X, who throws in his own 'All I Need' at the end. Trentemøller and Telefon Tel Aviv are the two real standout tracks, the latter's blissful 'The Birds' a welcome inclusion, though Jon Hopkins' rather wonderful 'Vessel' is also a treat. What also works well on this mix is the edge added by the likes of Jahcoozi and Funkstorung, who bring unusual beats and darkly honed atmospherics. Whatever you want to call it, this is a more than decent mix when all is said and done.

4 out of 5

Reviewed By Ben Hogwood

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