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‘You Started It All’ is a stunning piece of music in anybody’s book with this startlingly good remix care of Ron Basejam pitched note perfect for the forthcoming summer. Transforming it from the original neatly into Balearic bliss the vocals tease you alongside Mick Fleetwood (Mac) styled percussion as the bluesy music also reflects that reference tastefully well. Horizontal listening at its very finest you should expect to hear this alongside any self respecting beach sometime very soon. The proceeding Dub adds a flair of electronic beats to the equation while hinting at Acid on an alternative take, although I can’t help but miss the yearning voice. Second track, ‘Sleepdancing’ is remixed by label mate BJ Smith who injects a folksy breeze into the song complimenting nicely.

5 out of 5

Reviewed by Greg Fenton

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