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Alex Smoke
Hum + Haw

Friday, 12 February 2016 in Techno
The first taste of Alex Smoke's forthcoming album "Lux" and it's mighty heavy indeed. "Blingkered" is old school industrial. Slow, mean, skittery, it's a rolling juggernaut that you're not going to stop, gradually becoming moodier than a starved rottweiler. The moody atmospherics progress fantastically during the latter half. Alex also offers a '1 Billion Diamond' version, aimed more directly at the clubs, it eases back on the industrial clank and grind, upping the edgy strings and 303 activity for some gritty action. Name+Relucto re-work the whole thing in Acid Junkies style 303 nirvana - it's cool and very clever when the bleepy strings bring the come down. Finally, "Dimbulb" is plain wrong, only in a very good way - the collectively hypnotic sound of out-moded PCs dancing to the dying flames of a broken CRT monitor.

4 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Darren Wall

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