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The Toronto DJ-producer's debut album was one of the highlights of last year but he keeps firing out the killer tackle, all displaying an uncanny knack for mixing classic Detroit elements with contemporary production and massive walls of emotion-charged riffs and melodic washes. Here he takes a further brave step by using the Derrick May manouvre of starting the track with a long beatless stretch, building and swelling for 12 minutes with its own pulses on a distinctive, haunting motif, garnished with marimba tones and touches like reverse keys. The riff provides a nifty building block for the remixes, Moodmusic supremo Sasse showing what it's like with a house groove to grand effect with new bassline before the mighty James Teej delves deeper with acid drop. Finally, M.F.R. themselves turn in a gorgeous deep house version with strings, subtle dynamics and beatless stretches keeping the spirit of the original. Could well end up one of this year's towering sets.

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Kris Needs

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