The debut GUËRO album reflects the producer’s new found, simple name, and is brilliantly described in its press release as ‘a testament to ultimate funk-a-ficiency’. It’s a brilliant way of saying that he knows how to make a track from relatively minimal ingredients, often working in the same way that Krautrock producers used to by choosing a pitch and setting up camp on it. ‘Alto Final’ and ‘Random Walker’ show off these Krautrock leanings, the latter getting busy with the guitar, while ‘Techno Mammal’ has quite a cheeky organ riff and ‘Night Cruising’ turns out to be a lovely airy number. The grooves chug away here to really satisfying effect, especially if played at volume – bringing out the music’s primal energy.

Ben Hogwood
4 out of 5

Güero – Night Cruising (YAHYF 04d)