Kris Menace - We Are

Kris Menace Feat The Kiki Twins – ‘We Are’ – (Compuphonic)

Kris Menace - We ArePure 80’s nu disco vibes a plenty here as smooth synth opperator Kris Menace teams up with New York’s The Kiki Twins (LT, one of the twins is a star in the US ‘Pregnant In Heels’ tv show!) for a hefty portion of sassy, camp dancefloor goodness. The song comes fully loaded with a high NRG pulsating bassline (enough to give Donna Summer a disco fit!) backed by clap happy beats, Kraftwerkesque synth hooks and topped off with a haunting vocal from the boys who style it out with drama! Strike a pose!

5 out of 5

Reviewd By SOTO