Glacial Movements offer down tempo bliss like no other label, and Northaunt, their latest new artist, once again offers a beautifully unhurried antidote to the pace of modern life. A pseudonym for Norwegian producer Harleif Langas, Northaunt has been documenting a series based around the Norwegian Iceage (‘Istid’ is the Norwegian word for the period), imagining a world of almost complete silence before man. On this, the third instalment, the music drifts around the listener very slowly, sometimes coming into focus with cold clarity and other times staying fuzzy at the edges, especially when Langas evokes the freezing cold northern winds. Part III begins with a lovely, remote feel, another instance where Langas conjures up an image for the listener of being the only observer in this cold but bright climate. ‘Istid III’ does have its darker moments, but overall it is a brightly lit and strangely affirming piece of ambience, looking out at the cold with a great sense of wonder.
Ben Hogwood
4 out of 5