Let’s face it, it’s got to the point where we need to find some sunshine in our music so that we can counteract the damp squib the UK summer has become. Enter Jeremy Spellacey, whose crate digging skills have been exploited to excellent effect on this new compilation, providing uplifting vibes right from the off. Legacy’s ‘Monday Blues’ is the most obvious antidote to anything post-holiday related, but to be honest the bright and breezy first number ‘Let Your Body Move (Oba Balu Balu)’ by Ezy & Isaac fulfils the same function. Roaming far and wide, we take in African and Caribbean treats, the former best represented by J.K. Mandengué’s ‘Afrika’ and the latter by Devon Russell’s inspired, horizontal take on ‘Move On Up’. Elsewhere Mike Fabulous offers the effortlessly cool ‘Wang East’ for the beach, while The Staple Singers’ ‘Slippery People’ goes heavy on the ‘80s percussion before whipping up a storm with its inspiring vocal. Whichever way you listen to it, Crown Ruler Sound will leave you on a higher plane than when you started listening. Spellacey is the man!

Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5