Inside Out is an intriguing new concept conceived by Will Saul as a chance to integrate the mix compilation with the artist album, encouraging producers to submit their own music for another to blend together. Judging by the first instalment it’s something that could work out really well, because Saul has amassed a track listing of real quality, including producers of real repute but also allowing room for new talent. It’s really well mixed, too, starting with dappled ambience from Falty DL and Komon before working its way through to harder hitting house tracks from Gerd, Primitive Trust (Floorplan’s remix of ‘Little Love’) and Pearson Sound, whose ‘Pearls’ is inevitably a standout track, its drum pads rooted in the 1980s but sounding strangely futuristic. There are 23 tracks here and Saul does a great job assembling them, in the process offering an alternative to the declining art of the mix compilation. Hopefully a series that is here for the long run!
Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5