Back To Mine with Planisphere

Planisphere is Dave Swatten, a Perth, Australia native who served up his first deep, heady offerings way back in 2000. Since then, there have been only a few choice releases. One of them was his best yet, 2020’s 11-track album Definitive Transmissions on For Those That Knoe. It was an immediate cult classic – much like Swatten’s debut on his own InnerTone label. With influences ranging from new wave to punk, reggae to drum & bass, Swatten uses an array of analog gear to distill these into his own rich productions. Planisphere’s Heart over Mind EP marks a welcome return for cultured house label Black Key Records following a period of hibernation. And a perfect opportunity to get a seriously cool Back To Mine 10…


Prince Far-I and the Arabs – Foundation Stepper

If you want to throw the overused term ‘deep’ into a description then call this deep dub. Raw sounds from Prince Far-I’s Cry Tuff Dub Encounter series – this being from Chapter IV, which to me is the standout album of the series.  Lots of space, hard-hitting percussion and hidden gems of melody.

Prince Far I & The Arabs - Foundation Stepper

Twinkle Brothers – Don’t Jump The Fence/Let Jah In

My first Twinkle 12” bought way back in sunny, coastal Fremantle.  A super heavyweight double track with the penetrating voice of Norman Grant.  These vocals give way to some hard-hitting dub. The music of the Twinkle Brothers is timeless and wise in word and melody.

The Twinkle Brothers - Don't Jump The Fence

Salif Keita – Ko-Yan

The wonderful strong soulful voice of Salif Keita in full glory here backed with vocal harmony and a wide range of instrumentation brings a real emotive spirit to the tracks on this LP. A regular go to when I want to fill the house with light.

Salif Keita – Ko-Yan (1989)

King Sunny Ade – Ja Funmi

The album Juju Music is a timeless classic. Ja Funmi from the album is a great example of the mesmerising quality of the rhythm, which has a softness and strength all in one to match King Sunny Ade’s voice. At times, I have felt the slide work of the guitar evokes an almost surf-like guitar quality mixed with a blues born from the heat and humidity of Nigeria.

Sunny Ade - Ja Funmi


The Durutti Column – Vini Reilly

This album is charged with atmosphere. Haunting and beautiful and ageless. I only have this on CD..I need to do something about that.

The Durutti Column - Vini Reilly(ORIGINAL LP)


David Sylvian – Brilliant Trees

I love the voice of David Sylvian and the beauty of this album. His first solo album, this is just a very thoughtful melancholic album. Usually a late night listen with the smoking jacket on while gazing out the window.

Brilliant Trees - David Sylvian

Donald Byrd – Places and Spaces

Just a whole lot of swing on this album – full of great tracks – which works well first thing in the morning over coffee, brewin’ on a sunny afternoon or late at night under neon.

Donald Byrd - Places & Spaces

Alicia Myers – You Get the Best From Me

This is just a big big tune.  Groove to the maximum and so, so, so infectious.  The tone of Alicia Myers voice hits the spot.  Just clear the floor!

Alicia Myers - You Get the Best from Me (Say, Say, Say) (Extended Version)

Ron Trent/Chez Damier – Untitled

Saturday afternoon, the suns out, you’ve got your shades on and slam this down.  The drifting in and out nature of the chords with the driving vocal that comes around like a loop makes for a deeply satisfying tune.

Ron & Chez D - A1) Untitled

Larry Heard – Genesis 

Not much to say other than this is Larry Heard and I find Genesis one of his best albums full of incredible scenery.

Larry Heard - Fantasy