Back To Mine with Akali Akali

1) Radiohead – Pyramid Song

Radiohead have always been with me since my childhood, and this song in particular gave me goosebumps. Talking about it Thom Yorke references Stephen Hawking and the theory that time is another force…the idea that it is completely cyclical as the fourth dimension. “Pyramid Song” is about the fact that everything is going in circles. A thought to be found in buddhism as well.

Radiohead - Pyramid Song


2) Kangding Ray – South

KR has influenced my philosophy and approach to techno so much that it showed me a whole new side of electronic music.

Kangding Ray - South


3) Gëinst – Telepath

I remember playing this track in clubs in 2016 and creating a unique hypnotic mood. It was instantly a classic. The consecutive elements being introduced over the course of 10 minutes make it unique journey.

Gëinst - Telepath [ARTSTRANSPARENT007]


4) Tord Gustavsen Trio – At Home

Shown to me by my music theory teacher many years ago, this trios’ sound shaped my sense of harmony and introduced me to scandinavian jazz. I always try to match the emotional intensity of their work.


5) Extrawelt – One Tree Hill

A masterpiece of minimal techno. “Schöne Neue Extrawelt” shaped the club-sound of the late 2000s and had a huge impact on me as it made me aware of the importance of sound design.


6) Arvo Pärt – Magnificat

I met the master himself a few years ago and had a chance to show him my work. He taught me how to focus on the sense of time in music.

Arvo Pärt - Magnificat (1989)


7) Doron Sadja – I Am Immensely In Touch With My Emotions And Music Is Magic To Me

Doron is a friend and mentor whose work I admire and highly respect. His approach to music and installation art opened my eyes to new frontiers.

Doron Sadja "I Am Immensely In Touch With My Emotions And Music Is Magic To Me"


8) Afriqua – Eliot

Adam (Afriqua) comes from a similar music background as I do – featuring classical music in his electronic compositions here and there. After graduating from the same arts school our ways parted, but we managed to meet in various places and eventually both ended up in Berlin.


9) Narciss – 12681

Monumental techno at it’s purest form. Raw beauty. Simply epic. Nicolas has a unique sound that conveys crystal clear emotions without compromise.

Narciss - 12681 [DRVMS008]


10) Max Cooper – Lovesong

I remember seeing Max perform one of his all-night shows a few years ago in Amsterdam. To me he is an incredible scientist and artist in his craft. The live-set was like an electronic symphony revealing itself throughout the course of the night.

Max Cooper - Lovesong - Official Video By Kevin McGloughlin


11) Akali Akali – Parallel Dive

This piece means a lot to me personally as it came out while I was going through a turbulent time. The two themes in the track symbolize two souls parting, as they descend into separate realms, hence the title “Parallel Dive”.


Akali Akali – This Is What It Felt Like EP (Endless Music)

Akali Akali aka Oliver Viol is next up on Endless Music with four tracks that explore the techno sweet spot between ecstasy and pain. Viol is a multimedia composer, sound designer and classical music artist who weaves traditional instruments into his productions. They are saturated by self-made audio samples and loops and achieve a great marriage between acoustic and machine made sounds.
His style is heavily influenced by artists such as Kangding Ray, Arvo Pärt, music of the late baroque style as well as polystylistic Soviet composers of the early 20th century and he has written music for numerous theatre productions and dance performances in Europe. “The void of perception between two extremes, and the concept of the duality of human nature were fields which fuelled this work,” says the artist of this most provocative EP.
Things open up with the title track, a brilliantly strong bass-heavy techno composition. It carries you into ecstatic highs over a long and absorbing time period with the never ending pulse of a heart-beat down below, all in a classy and cerebral fashion. The excellent ‘Lagging Convulsion’ was written and recorded together with Arne Spremberg. It’s inspired by the ever-changing face of reality in the age of digital technologies and the confusion that comes with it. Musically, it is a drone heavy techno track with weighty drums marching onwards. There is real elegance in the synths and a sense of futurism that really stands out.
Then comes the superb ‘Ectopia,’ which acts as a counterpart to the opening track. Breakbeats and rare subs explore dance floor intensity in physical, dynamic ways that cannot fail to sweep up the floor. Last of all, the tasteful ’Coterie’ is a long, majestic ride with orchestral plains weaved into a heavy, trance-y drum pattern. It is a dreamlike journey with a soft landing that rounds things out in style.

Akali Akali – This Is What It Felt Like EP (Endless Music) Release: 11th February 2019 Cat No: EM084