Back To Mine with DJ Koyote

I’ve wanted to put forward my eclectic taste in this after party playlist so here it is, made of non-electronic songs and tracks I’d play to cool things down a bit after a techno set…


Edwin Starr – War

I love this track! I often start my sets with it. It’s got that “party starter” feeling with its energy and liveliness and works like a good reset for the dancefloor too. This track was written during the Vietnam war but it’s still very relevant today.

Edwin Starr- War (HQ)


Johnny Hallyday – Jésus Christ

I never was a big fan of Johnny Halliday but the “French Elvis” has just passed away so I thought I’d pay him a little tribute with this song from his hippie era. I like the psychedelic, catchy vibe and the transgressive  lyrics, especially for a rockstar known for his conservative ideas.


JUL – Amnésia

JUL put Marseille rap back on the map and is one of France’s best beatmakers right now in my opinion. I love the often deep, melancholic vibes in his beats and his sense of catchy melody. His tracks are like rapping on zombie beats. It’s a sort of French version of ghetto-tech.


Trammps – Soul Searchin Time

My favorite Philly Soul band. I discovered them through Big Daddy Rick’s (Rick Wade) ghettotech track ‘Titty Inferno’ which samples their ‘Disco Inferno’ hit. It’s a Detroit booty classic from the 90’s. This one is less famous but it’s got so much energy people go crazy every time I play it.

Soul Train Soul Searchin Time Trammps


Tom Tom Club – Genius Of Love

Probably in my top 5 of my favorite tracks of all time. Probably also the track I’ve played the most whatever the set. I love its funkiness and sensuality. It’s the type of track that makes me wanna live at a certain place at a certain time: NYC in the early 80’s for this one, hanging out with Keith Haring and dancing at the Paradise Garage to Larry Levan’s sets.

Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love

Lee Fields – Faithful Man

I go see him every time he plays in France, and he’s for me the greatest soul singer alive. His shows should be reimbursed by social security as they spread love, energy and optimism and make people happy. He’s got such charisma and generosity on stage that I feel his records pass on the same to the dance floor.

Lee Fields - Faithful Man (Yours Truly Session)

113 – Tonton Du Bled

It’s a French hip hop late 90’s hit, last time I played it was this summer for a friend’s wedding in Wales. This track always hits the spot, whatever the country. People end up going crazy and singing the chorus whether they’re familiar to the track or not.

113 - Tonton Du Bled Clip HQ


Cat Stevens – Was Dog A Doughnut?

A great synth pop instrumental on the brilliant ‘’Izitso’’ album, it’s an essential tune from my 80’s/electrofunk playlist among White Horse, Erotic City or Another One Bites the Dust.


Marcos Valle – Nem Paleto, Nem Gravata

I spent one year in Brazil a few years ago and I fell in love with Brazilian music, especially MPB. I’ve always loved 70’s music, this track is super funky but laid back in the same time with great arrangements. And the lyrics have a double meaning that goes back through the censorship set up by the military regime back then.


Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – Don’t Leave Me This Way

As I often play Edwin Starr’s War to open a party up, I often play this track to end up my sets and say goodbye. It’s a great concluder, if you run it through a DJR400 and twist the EQ’s, people will ask you to pull it up.

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Don't Leave Me This Way