Back To Mine with Modbox (Castanea Records)

We sat down with producer and Castanea Records owner Modbox, who talked us through his favourite Back To Mine tracks…


Seafoam – Thrill Ride

Bryan Cavander aka Seafom with a track characterized by a tribal battery with congas and maracas that are the master, pure groove on the bass with a case down time and refined melodies, in full Seafoam style

Seafoam - Thrill Ride

Moodymann – The Day We Lost The Soul / Tribute! (To The Soul We Lost)

Intended as an ode to the late Marvin Gaye, The Day We Lost the Soul opens with a short broadcast about the legendary soul artist’s unfortunate death, then heads straight into “Tribute (To the Soul We Lost),” one of Moodymann’s best early tracks. Not much of a departure from the retro-disco funk also found on his other early tracks such as “The Dancer” and “I Can’t Kick This Feeling When It Hits,” this track again illustrates Moodymann’s acclaimed knack for putting out consistent, quality product. Masterpiece.

Moodymann - The Day We Lost The Soul / Tribute! (To The Soul We Lost)

The Groove Corporation Meet Original Rockers – Stoned (Manali Cream Mix)

The perfect  “mix cream”  served with the cake in afterhour 🙂

The Groove Corporation Meet Original Rockers - Stoned (Manali Cream Mix)

The Ron Honey Experience – Nite Drive

This is a classic house track and floating in sonic heaven and I will never get tired of it. Total bliss!!

The Ron Honey Experience - Nitedrive [7th Voyage, 1998]

Oh. – Charme 75

This track is a harmonic fusion between electronics and house, perfect for suddenly breaking the patterns on the dancefloor

Adam Strömstedt – Scuze Me

A mystical journey through the sonorities of Adam Strömstedt, Producer from Sweden but residing in Sydney, who interprets the house in his own way with these magical voices and enchanted pads.

Adam Strömstedt - Scuze Me - BP002 (Banoffee Pies Records)

Pastaga & Cajou – Rawmance

Pressurizing groove with totally Roland batteries suitable for rekindling the situation in an instant.

(PAS001) B1. Pastaga & Cajou - Rawmance

Akufen – U

Akufen is one of my favorite producers and certainly one of the best in the world and I chose this track on karat, although there are many productions that I like. Absolute genius.

Akufen - U [Karat Records ‎– KARAT 57]

The Mingers – Emancipation (The Mingers Button Dub)

An absolutely fantastical revision of the ep released some time before. Another house music classic released on the historical Surreal label that can never be missing in an afterhour session.

The Mingers - Emancipation (The Mingers Button Dub) [Surreal, 2000]

Moodymann – It’s 2 Late 4 U & Me

Absolutely one of my favorite tracks, perfect at any time of any moment. simply Moodymann. masterpiece.

Moody [Mann] - It's 2 Late 4 U & Me


‘Modbox – The Science Behind First Impression’ EP is out 15/04 on Castanea Records.