Back To Mine with Salah Sadeq

Salah Sadeq: “Heading back to mine has been a common thread in my life. From chilled wine hangouts to marathon sessions. There are loads of tracks I would take advantage of on a regular case as I knew I could get away with it and I would have ended up play listing a whole late night to morning or afternoon set had it not required keeping to 10!”

“As I have spoken of many times before my family and my upbringing I was surrounded but a lot of different music, which got me into some very eclectic or even eccentric tastes at an early age. On a nice session these would be some stand out records for me to play with a cheeky smile on my face…”


1) Was Dog A Doughnut – Cat Stevens – Cat-O-Log Records

I remember this from my child hood as the weird beat with a dog that made me want to bop my head. It wasn’t till very much later that I realised it was Cat Stevens ;-{>
It is so timeless in its own way.

Yusuf / Cat Stevens – Was Dog A Doughnut? ft. Chick Corea | IZITSO


2) Level 42 – Star Child – Polydor

Star Child I am very sure is something that caught me through my sisters door and when passing by my uncles. That melody just grabs me.

Level 42 - Starchild (1981)


3) Talking Heads ‎– This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) – Sire US

A lot of my 80s credit would go to my sisters mixtapes blasting through her door into my room. Perfect sunrise happy faces good vibes track for me. Have dropped this at an after or mixed into a set countless times. I guess the happy feelings also bring me back to those days listening to my sisters music.

Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) [Official Video] [HD]


4) Quantic And His Combo Bárbaro ‎– Un Canto A Mi Tierra

Oh yes this must be one of my get down tracks. Yeah I love to boogie too. Hhahaha catch me at the right party with good music and you get a rare glimpse they say.
Big fan of latin influence the chorus and the horns on this do it for me. have heard some nice remixes as well through the years.

Un Canto a Mi Tierra - Quantic y Su Combo Bárbaro


5) Londonbeat ‎– I’ve Been Thinking About You – Anxious Records

Yes I have embarrassing vices. Don’t know always loved this track.Hehehe.

Londonbeat - I've Been Thinking About You (Video)


6) Desireless ‎– Voyage Voyage – CBS Europe

Yeah my Emo 80s side included a lot of the moody celebration European declarations.

Desireless - Voyage Voyage (Official HD Video)


7) Convextion ‎– Spice Tea – Down Low Music US

This dropped in my lap out of no where and this would be one record I use to describe timeless future music to anyone. What a jam! I need to play this more often in clubs.

Convextion - Spice Tea [Re-Upload]


8) Bjork – Hyperballad – Universal Music

Oh my not ashamed at all to say im a Bjork fan (nothing to be shamed about anyways), but my emotive side comes out here again ;-{>. Liked this album a lot and this one used to be on repeat. i remember it being one of the early tracks where I started dissecting the parts and flow getting really into the track.


9) Ce Ce Rogers – Some Day – WMG

I dont know what I can say about this but a true classic. Have closed with this a few times and it touches everyone including me everytime. Early Deep House influences right here.

CeCe Rogers - Someday (12'' club mix)


10) Bandaly Family – Do You Love Me

Last but not least, Almost forget this, how could I. This track goes way back from school days and even before then. I would play this on a tape for friends. But Later on I managed to get a copy on CD and would drop it in towards the end of my sets once in a blue moon. Sometimes it would be the crazy track id pop on during afters at a friends place on youtube etc.

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Un Canto a Mi Tierra - Quantic y Su Combo Bárbaro