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Souls Of Mischief – 93 ‘Til Infinity

I was in my early teens when this came out and it blew me away, hip hop, R&B and acid jazz were really booming at that time with far out stuff, and people like Digable Planets, De La Soul, Arrested Development etc. were some of my favorites but this Souls of Mischief tune stood out and still does, definitely a mainstay in my home “events”

Souls Of Mischief - 93 'Til Infinity


Tangerine Dream – Love On A Real Train

Tangerine Dream is one of the most psychedelic, influential electronic acts of all time, I first heard this (like most people) on the 1983 classic movie ‘Risky Business’, being an 80s child has it’s many advantages! It’s a masterpiece from an era of groundbreaking music that has passed the test of time and still sounds futuristic.

Tangerine Dream - Love on a real train (Risky Business)


Plastikman – Psyk

One of my favourite tracks from Richie, still sounds so amazing and modern, I love the 303 bassline and the lead lines, really trippy and focused at the same time, impossible not to chill to this one.


Motor City Drum Ensemble – L.O.V.E.

A modern classic, it feels like a collage of some of my favourite stuff, and it probably is what Danilo was going for here. It’s like the new “Billie Jean” of basslines, gets any party started.

Motor City Drum Ensemble~L.O.V.E [Original Mix]


Tim Maia – Rational Culture

Stepping into Brazilian territory, one of our biggest geniuses is Tim Maia, maybe not as popular as he should be outside of Brazil, there were few who managed to bring the sound and feel of funk and soul to Brazil and add the kind of tropicalia (look that up) flavor to it, to make something as unique and as atemporal as genius with his Racional albums.

Tim Maia - Rational Culture


Leftfield – Swords

Anyone like Burial? I do, but yeah, Leftfield had it locked down since the 90s… this was part of a soundtrack of a cheesy American movie called ‘Go’ from 1999, and that’s where I heard it first, it blew me away and even though I had heard of Leftfield at the time it was only then I really started to dig into their stuff. Still sounds so classy…

Leftfield - Swords


Cassiano – Onda

Another Brazilian gem here, but slightly less obvious, Cassiano had a similar vibe to Tim Maia’s and hence is one of my favorites as well, he’s also an icon of the Brazilian soul “movement”, Onda is one of my favourite tunes from him and it always brings up comments whenever there are more attentive listeners around the house.


Herbie Hancock – Watermelon Man

What to say about this? Head Hunters is probably on my top 5 favourite albums, he’s always pushed the envelope in jazz and was one of the first to embrace synthesisers and electronic instruments in that style, this track has a really funky and psychedelic flute hook that is just amazing.


Drexciya – You Don’t Know

I love electro. I love listening to and dancing to electro. There is no better example from proper Detroit electro than Drexcyia I suppose, and You Don’t Know has it all, the danceable elements, the strong and characterful bassline, the perfect beat, and owns it all with a trippy sonic scape on top, how the hell they came up with all of that in 96 I’ll never know.


Azymuth – Dear Limmertz

To wrap things up, another Brazilian gem, these guys are still active and still amazing! Their home label describes it all…Far Out Recordings, they have this kind of contemporary jazz-funk electronic influenced sound that is just timeless and all of their work is a big jam…check it if you like Ninja Tune or Stones Throw…right up that alley, but made in Brazil in the 70s! 

Azymuth – Dear Limmertz [12” Mix]