Back To Mine with Axel Thesleff

Find My Way is the latest single from Axel Thesleff, an electronic musician and producer based in Helsinki, Finland. A prolific and incredibly successful producer, his hit single Bad Karma has clocked up a staggering 500+ million streams all platforms, and been supported across playlisters, radio DJs and music aficionados alike. He also recently finished his North American tour of 30+ shows supporting CloZee and Beats Antique.

Axel’s style is incredibly diverse and hard to describe, with his output ranging from bass-heavy bangers to more relaxed and deep tracks. One thing that remains consistent in all of his releases however, is his focus on the emotion and story behind each piece of music he creates. His tunes will make subwoofers purr, but also deliver an emotional impact which resonates with your soul.

With a new single landing and a music video to follow soon after, we took this opportunity to ask Axel for his 10 Back To Mine cuts.

1. Burial – Untrue.

A true Future Garage classic. The groove of this song just sucks you into it. The soundscapes take you into another world.

2. Moderat – Gita.

I really love Moderat’s productions. Sascha Rings vocals are stellar here and I love how his voice is also utilised in the harmonies.

3. Trentemoller – Snowflake.

This is such an epic song. Trentemoller’s attention to detail blows me away every time. The electric piano sound makes my ears melt. I also love how the song progresses to surprising places.

Trentemøller: Snowflake

4. Jon Hopkins – Emerald Rush.

This song is one of my favourites from 2018. Jon Hopkins is such a master. This song is powerful, the way it builds tension and suspense with the chords and the rhythm changing the way it’s in sync is just amazing.

Jon Hopkins - Emerald Rush (Official Video)

5. David August – 33CHANTS.

I really enjoyed this record and especially this song from David August. I love his hybrid style between electronic and acoustic. I’m not sure how this album was recorded and produced but it doesn’t matter. It’s just good music.


6. Xploding Plastix – A Rogue Friend Is A Wild Beast.

This artist duo is truly a hidden gem from Norway. Their productions still sound so fresh and innovative after over a decade. They combine electronic and acoustic sounds in an experimental and jazzy way. I don’t think they’re active anymore, where did they go?

A Rogue Friend Is a Wild Beast

7. Sorrow – Never Too Far.

This song immediately puts me in such a peaceful state. Listening to this song feels like you’re on a soft and fluffy cloud drifting away into a beautiful sunset while getting a foot massage.

Sorrow - Never Too Far

8. The Sight Below – At First Touch.

I love the way The Sight Below incorporates a kick into his otherwise ambient works. It puts you on a very hypnotic and trance-like state and dissolves all thoughts.

The Sight Below - "At First Touch"

9. Holy Other – Know Where.

This is one of my late-night faves. It has a dreamy and spacious quality to it, like all Holy Others tracks. It’s a great vibe for those late-night space outs.

10. Christopher Willits – Simplicity.

This track will put you in a blissful sleep after a good night out. It’s an ambient track that slowly pulsates with one static note while beautiful resonant chords and soundscapes revolve around it.

Christopher Willits - Simplicity