Back To Mine with Boris Ross

1. Kanye West – Last Call

There’s not a day goes by that I’m not playing some Kanye.
Especially in the morning, this is one of the tracks that motivates me and gives me a good energy boost to kick off the day.

Kanye West - Last Call (full track)

2. D’Angelo & The Vanguard – Really Love

Timeless track, when I close my eyes this takes me straight through the wormhole into another dimension. Love the way it progresses from the orchestra to the Spanish guitar in to the beat.

D'Angelo & The Vanguard - Really Love (Audio)

3. Aphex Twin – Avril14th

A very emotional soundtrack for whatever I’m doing, Of course sampled in Kanye’s Blame
Game track 😀 Great stuff.

Aphex Twin - Avril 14th (Extended)

4. Mac Miller – Come Back To Earth

The whole album is part of my daily routine, after a busy day this vibe just get me in the mood
for everything and restarts my creativity. RIP Mac Miller.

Mac Miller - Come Back To Earth

5. Kruangbin – Cómo Me Quieres

Wormhole into another dimension again, when I close my eyes when this is playing it just beams me to a desert riding on a camel with no clear destination, maybe I’m just a sucker for cheap travel ;-).

Khruangbin - Cómo Me Quieres (Official Video)

6. 2Pac – Shorty Wanna Be A Thug

Always in my hip hop playlist, hypnotising sounds and always a trip down memory lane. Still as
fresh as it was the day it was released.

2pac- Shorty Wanna Be A Thug

7. Travis Scott – SKELETONS

I think Travis his album Astroworld is the best thing that happened to hip hop since Dark Twisted Fantasy came out, timeless, full of creativity and unique, I can listen to this every moment of the day.

Travis Scott - SKELETONS (Audio)

8. Calvin Harris – Skrt On Me (Nicki Minaj)

This is my guilty pleasure when springs / summer kicks in. Calvin Harris is always 2 steps ahead in terms of creativity and production.

Calvin Harris - Skrt On Me (Official Audio) ft. Nicki Minaj

9. N.E.R.D – Bobby James (live album)

This track is of course a bit of a sad story lyrically but the vibe always gets me, big fan of Pharrell and the whole N.E.R.D. crew since day one.

N.E.R.D. - Bobby James

10. Mathew Jonson – Dayz

Mathew at his best, some really nice synths moving around the place, gentle percussion, this always does the trick for me.


Boris Ross & Baggi – What You Do (Desolat)

Baggi was raised in Bosnia but is now based in Rotterdam and across the course of twenty years he has put out house and tech tinged with a classic style on labels like Defected. He has also done studio work for giants like Christina Aquilera and Tiesto while playing major clubs and festivals round the world. His partner here is Dutchman Boris Ross who always cooks up tracks that blow up the floor. Between them they use an array of hardware and FX pedals, synths and drum machines to really make a big impact. Fantastically wonky opener, ‘What You Do’ is more stripped back but still has killer bass and rugged drums that will get the club marching. Synth stabs and loopy vocals all help lock you into the groove while wonky pads add charm to the whole thing. ‘Owl’ is a brilliantly wild and energetic cut with prickly synths, big vocal samples and rolling, high impact drums. It bristles with vitality like the best of early Windy City house music and has a streetwise swagger that fits perfectly with this label.

Out Now… Boris Ross & Baggi – What You Do (Desolat) DESOLAT072