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While studying filmmaking in Europe, Council became obsessed with electronic music. She fell in love with the rich traditions of hotspots Detroit, Berlin, and Chicago and has gone on to blend that with her own pop sensibility. Her DJ sets energetically combine heavy-hitting techno with acid, disco, and abstract rhythms, and her tracks here show a natural song writing ability…

Boo Williams – Accelerate
You just can’t go wrong with Boo Williams. His rhythms and melodies always feel really emotional and magical to me, and I love how romantic this one is.
Boo Williams - Accelerate (Original Mix) [AOW006]

Gang Starr – Mass Appeal
Guru had one of the greatest voices ever. And DJ Premier’s production on this track is just perfect – the sample & the synth are instantly iconic.
Gang Starr - Mass Appeal [Explicit]

The Deep – Love Your Brother
This song makes me feel good no matter what! All the elements are so great on their own, but together it’s just heaven, and the lyrics say it all.
The Deep - Love Your Brother

Omar-S – In My City
I listened to this track for the first time while walking through the Detroit airport, so I was literally in Omar-S’s city. It made me feel like everything was happening in slow-motion. It’s almost kind of creepy, and then the pad comes in – just a great contrast and a master class in atmosphere.
Omar S - In My City [AOS418]

Thin Lizzy – Still in Love With You
This song is so gorgeous! One of my favorite guitar solos ever. 
Still In Love With You

Little Dragon – Feather
Little Dragon was one of the first electronic artists I listened to, a long time ago, and this song is one of my absolute favorites. It just makes me feel happy. 

Underworld – Dark & Long (Thing In A Book Mix)
This is actually my morning song a lot of the time – it’s a great way to start the day. 
Dark & Long (Thing In A Book Mix / Remastered)

I:Cube – 11 novembre
I:Cube is really my hero, I love everything of his. My birthday is actually 12 November, so this song is special to me.

Peggy Gou – In Sum
I think Peggy Gou is amazing at creating texture and atmosphere, and this track is one of my favorites of hers. The clap sound is just perfect, and the synths are so groovy and fresh. 
In Sum (Original Mix)

Ahmad Jamal – But Not For Me 
This whole live album is amazing, and Ahmad Jamal is a legend.
Ahmad Jamal - But Not For Me