Back To Mine with Daao & York Hamza

LBR Records shows off the talent of its roster with a five-track various artists compilation that brims with electro and techno brilliance. Track two ’53DUC710N’ comes via York Hamza & Daao, the producers hailing from Yerevan and Armenia respectively. The former runs the Mulraum events series and searches for utopian mysticism in his music. The latter grew up around jazz mixtapes and brings that sensibility to his sounds. Their visceral ’53DUC710N’ features warp speed drum programming that voyages to the stars. The serene pads add to the futuristic feel of this most perfect electro-techno fusion. And what a beautiful Back To Mine they have delivered…



Helio Matheus – Eu, réu, me condeno (1973)
I found Eu, réu, me condeno when I accidentally started to dig into Brazilian old music. I was living in Sri Lanka, and by that time this track perfectly matched my mood and vibe and I still listen to it with the same amount of excitement.

Kamasi Washington – Clair de lune  
When I was very young I was in love with Claude Debussy’s composition Clair de Lune but after listening to the composition for more than a million times my ears became numb to it so I forgot about it and recently I accidentally discovered Kamasi Washington’s – Clair de lune and the loop began one more time.
Kamasi Washington - 'Clair de Lune'

Yussef Lateef Quartet – Yesterdays   
The first time I discovered Yussef I was just trying to find a beautiful flute solo sample for my live set as I had a gig day after but when I discovered Yussef I forgot about my gig and just started to dig Yussef Lateef’’s music and currently this one is my favorite piece.
Yusef Lateef Quartet - Yesterdays

John Abercrombie – TImeless 
John Abercrombie’s – Timeless is my favorite for more than 2 years I listen to it and it never gets old for me. I found a lot of musical inspiration in this composition and still every time I listen to it triggers my mind for new musical ideas. 
John Abercrombie – Timeless | ECM Records

Hayko – Garmir Vartis
This old Armenia piece is very nostalgic for me it reminds me of old Armenia/Yerevan my hometown.
Hayko - Garmir Vartis



Toshio Matsuura Group – At Les
This one’s actually a cover version of legendary Carl Craig’s “At Les”. For me, it’s a perfect home-listening version of my techno favorite.
Toshio Matsuura Group - At Les

Khruangbin – Right
As you can see both me and David, have this band in our favs.
I discovered them a few years ago, and they touched me immediately, especially their minimalism and genre fusion.
Khruangbin - Right

Graham De Wilde – Cirrus
I think it was this composition, that triggered me to dive deeper into the world of synth sounds and overall electronic music.
Graham de Wilde - Clouds

Kendrick Lamar ft. BJ The Chicago Kid – Kush & Corinthians
It would be wrong not to mention Kendrick, as I’m a huge fan of his music. First of all, I decided to select this track because I think it’s very underrated, and the second, is because I prefer Kendrick’s early stages in his musical transformation.  
Kendrick Lamar - Kush & Corinthians (His Pain) (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid)

Mac DeMarco – Chamber Of Reflection
I just like the calmness of this song and it’s oddly nostalgic.
Mac DeMarco - Chamber of Reflection



Artist: Various Artists

Title: LBR-002

Label: LBR Records

Release: 16th September 2021

Format: Digital