Back To Mine with Id!r

Parisian artist Id!r serves up two of his brilliantly angular and raw analogue disco weapons on Fucanglong Files this June. Id!r has been making music all his life, and from the start he was influenced by hearing a lot of Berber rhythms. He has played bass in a dub and reggae band, DJed as part of the Washing Machine collective and released on Darkroom Dubs and Clouded Vision while picking up high profile support from The Hacker, Ivan Smagghe and Ewan Pearson. Those esteemed artists no doubt recognised Id!r’s knack for cooking up brilliantly electro-tinged dark wave sounds, which is just what he does again here on his ‘Rainbow Maquina’ release. DMCWORLD gets our foot in the door though and bring you his delightful Back To Mine 10…


Sona Jobarteh & Band – Mamamuso
This one, and the whole artist’s work have been on loop during early Sunday mornings. Perfect in the sun whilst having breakfast.  
Sona Jobarteh & Band - Mamamuso

Matoub Lounès – Ayen Ayen
The artist I heard the most in my earliest childhood. I have, btw, lived a life something close to the lyrics of this, sometimes life brings you to a place you already heard about before. 

Gilbert Laffaille – Le Président et l’éléphant
If you join me in my garden for a good dinner on a summer evening i might play my guitar and sing this one. The artist tells a story about an old French president (VGE) who had the time to practice his hobby : Killing Elephants in Africa.
Gilbert Laffaille - Le Président et l'éléphant (1977)

Victor Wooten – Flip Flop
Every time I feel like playing my sweet Sire Marcus Miller bass, this gives me inspiration.
Flip Flop (Bonus Track)

Alides Hidding – Hollywood Seven
Click play on this one everytime you need to feel and remember you are alive. 
Alides Hidding - Hollywood Seven

November Novelet – Free
One of my favourite 90s German duets. This works especially well when it’s cold outside, warm inside, some burning wood smell and it feels so free to feel.
november novelet - free

The Cure – Secrets
This band has has the ability to play my feelings the way they want. Strange at the beginning but really deep at the end, this track is superb. Just let them do, don’t worry.
The Cure - Secrets

Captain Mustache feat. Chicks On Speed – Mentally Naked
This one is in so many of my home listening playlists. I can listen this record in a lot of different moods, at almost any moment of the day, home and elsewhere.
Captain Mustache feat. Chicks On Speed - Mentally Naked

Cornelius Doctor – Animal Sexual Diary
This is one of my favourite late night ones which I love to play, dancing at home, alone, with friends or with a lover! 
Cornelius Doctor - Animal Sexual Diary

Om Unit – Circled
I really enjoy this one and the whole album when it’s chill time with close friends. Also in my vegetable garden carring the strawberries, blackberries, eggplant, butternut, tomatoes…


Id!r – ‘Rainbow Maquina’ out via Fucanglong Files on 18th June 2021