Back To Mine with Karizma

After hours grooving at the best after parties in town…

Karimaz1) Donny Hathaway – Take a Love Song.
I believe good songs will always rule, and if you have someone who makes you feel the song, like Donny always does this song proves it.

2) Apparat – Goodbye
I came across this song on my favourite TV show “Breaking Bad” and if you know the show, you know this song, the scene and the song still haunts me.

3) The Art of Noise – Camilla.
I’ve always been a fan of A.O.N., Moments In Love was a big record, but very few people know of this cut which is just as beautiful.

4) J Dilla – Marvin & The Fam
If you know me, you know you’re gonna hear some Dilla at mine. The way he layers is just magnificent R.I.P. James Yancy.

5) Os Ipanemas – Icari.
I love the male vocals in this track and the arrangement……Whew, break out the sangria.

6) Jazzanova – L.O.V.E and You and I.
I fell in love with this song from the first few seconds…sonic bliss.

7) DJ Spinna featuring Monet-Navajo Moods.
This track makes me feel like I’m on a trip to the old west, funny how music can put you in places simply by listening.

8) Karizma – Sad Isnt It.
When friends come over I would play this just to see if they could figure out who the artist was, needless to say I fooled ‘em every time.

9) Osunlade – Compatible.
Osunlade is a great friend of mine who is also a big Prince fan. This song has traces of Prince in it, and I gotta admit, it does make me smile.

10) Atjazz – 13.10.1113.11.11
Atjazz is no doubt a genius and like myself puts alot of raw emotions into his music. This beautiful piece of music was a healing process put to rhythm.  R.I.P. Brian and Lily Iveson.
Karizma with Spen hit the decks for a 4 hour special at The Date, Loft Studios on Saturday 17th November.

Tickets available on Ticketweb & Resident Advisor