Back To Mine with Keecen


1. Connan Mockasin – Charlotte’s Thong

This song is what Sultans of Swing would sound like playing inside of a Salvador Dali painting. Interesting and uncompromising psych. The way he makes the guitar sing accommodates the short verses. Besides, who doesn’t love a production as warm as this? The whole album is a peach.

Connan Mockasin - Charlotte's Thong


2. Talking Heads – Making Flippy Floppy

One of my favourite bands and favourite albums. The production (credit to Brian Eno) is just incredible. This could have been released an hour ago and it would still sound timely. Picking just one Talking Heads was difficult, so I’ll just go with the one I’ve been listening to the most recently. It was close between this one and Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On).

Making Flippy Floppy (2005 Remaster)


3. D’Angelo – When We Get By

An underrated track on an absolutely classic album. What a production. D’Angelo at his finest. The perfect song for cooking pasta, by the way.


4. Marvin Gaye – What’s Happening Brother

This whole album is another classic. Great lyrics, great concept, great artist. From start to finish. Enough said.

Marvin Gaye - What's Happening Brother


5. David Bowie – Sound and Vision

I’m a huge Bowie fan, pre and post 90s at least. One of Bowie’s absolute best in my opinion. Choosing just one song from an artist with such an extensive catalogue as Bowie’s was surprisingly easy. The sound of the snare, engineered by the brilliant Brian Eno using an Eventide Harmonizer is just killer. Also one of David’s coolest vocal performances in my opinion. An interesting album in it’s own right, considering the b-side is primarily ambient/ soundtrack music, with Brian Eno on synth.

David bowie-Sound and vision


6. Floating Points – Myrtle Avenue

An incredible musician, so versatile with an incredible range of electronic music, he really opened my eyes to how organic and dynamic you can make «electronic music» sound.
The mood on this whole EP is reminiscent of the many months of polar nights up here in the arctic.

Floating Points - Myrtle Avenue


7. The Isley Brothers – Footsteps in The Dark Pts. 1 & 2

One of the reasons I adore hip hop is the way samples can bring you towards discovering new music, the original source. Ice Cube – Today Was A Good Day turned my ear towards this piece from The Isley Brothers. Nothing is better when the sample and the sampled song are great in their own rights. Old soul, pure butter.


Footsteps in the Dark, Pts. 1 & 2

8. Supreme Jubilees – It’ll All Be Over

The perfect song for winding down with a glass of wine. Soul gospel.

Supreme Jubilees - It 'll All Be Over 1979 Soul Gospel


9. MF DOOM – Rhymes Like Dimes

Just a classic track. My all time favourite rapper. Enigmatic and original. I’m always rapping along to this one. DOOM from 99-05 is absolutely untouchable for me. The amount of projects with superb quality is just uncalled for. Operation: Doomsday, King Geedorah, Madvillain, Viktor Vaughn, Danger Doom, and perhaps his most complete work Mm..Food. Who has a catalogue like that spanning 6 years?


10 Roc Marciano – Power

A gangster ballad in it’s own right. Beautiful gospel sample, The Holy Light Jr’s – Love Hides All Faults. Both are worth listening to.

Roc Marciano-Power


Keecen – Back in the Day (Mhost Likely)

Fast-rising newcomer Keecen debuts on Mhost Likely with a deep and soulful EP that is done the Tromsø way. His two originals are backed by remixes from Third Attempt and Johan Kaseta. Keecen is riding high off of the back of releases for Full Pupp, Paper Recordings and Beatservice Records. The Norwegian artist now brings more of his own unique flavours with some warm and easy-listening deep house. Big and brilliant opener ‘Omar Coming’ is a straight-up deep house gem with a looping and low-slung baseline. Subtle soul influences colour the grooves and capture an evening sky’s post-sunset fade. Next is the tender ‘Back in the Day’ which is drenched in blue-toned textures. Vocals rub up against crisp drum loops, luscious melodies and whirling deepness draw you in and keep you mesmerised. Young, self-taught Norwegian artist Third Attempt’s remix of ‘Back in the Day’ is a distinctive take on Scandi-electronica that radiates across five minutes of late-night grooves. With subtle hints of spacious Röyksopp vibes, it’s a real gem. Completing the EP is Johan Kaseta, a DJ with an international profile, background making hip hop and credits on Lehult and Zissou Records. His re-rub of ‘Omar Coming’ is an experimental excursion, carefully woven into a hypnotic trip made from warm drum loops and chiming, shimmering synth sounds.


Release: 29th October 2021 Keecen – Back in the Day (Mhost Likely) Cat No: MHLGRN038 Format: Digita