Back To Mine with Larry de Kat


Spearow – The chase – Da hill records 

Goddamn, this is an obscure 90s hiphop banger. Gritty 12bit stuff straight from the USA, nuff said.
I just got notified that the Isla Instruments SP2400 is in the mail coming to me, and yes; that is what you think it is. 😉

Sparrow The Movement - The Chase


Stephen Encinas – Disco illusion – Kalinda

Great mystical disco track, it differs from the classic Paradise garage(which I really like ofcourse, respect to Larry Levan!) in sense that it still has the real drums and (bass)guitar for the groove but more synthesizers with mysterious arabian licks, while the vocals make it silky smooth. Also really like the second part where they add the typical handclaps at the end of the bar and take you on a deeper journey.

Stephen Encinas - Disco Illusion


Nahid Akhtar – Yeh aaj mujh ko saya – Colombia

Ya damn rite this is the R.D. Burman of Pakistan getting his groove on! Rare as a hen’s teeth and I got it on a cute 7 inch and love to play it loud on my Headache Omni portable turntable!

Nahid Akhtar - Yeh Aaj Mujh Ko Saya


Mamie Perry – Lament – Pioneer international records

It doesn’t happen often that you find Rhythm n blues combined with violins but here it is and it takes me somewhere over melancholy hill too. I love how the violinist pluck their strings and how the beat pounds on. Very danceable too I must add, would be a great addition on John Lennon’s jukebox, I always wonder if he would have known this tune.

Mamie Perry - Lament


Al Kent – Down to me – Million dollar disco

A connoisseur in editing and compiling the most funky, sexy disco there is, this is probably one of the most favorite edits of him. It took me quite a while to find out the original(Marc Radice – If you can’t beat em, join em) but this edit just kills it with the right chops and loops to assure you everybody will get up on their feet and get on barefootin’!

Al Kent - Down To Me (The First Floor Ep)


Robert Parker – Barefootin’ – Nola records

“Hey lil’ girl with your red dress on I bet you can barefoot all night long, take of your shoes and throw em away, come back and get them another day!” –Robert Parker.

Robert Parker - Barefootin'


Galt MacDermot – Ripped open by metal explosions – United artists records

There are two versions of this track and this is the more spaced out one with that great intro loop sampled by loads of hiphop producers. I can still remember when I first found ut about the art of sampling and even more how much the genre’s already existed far before I thought they were in terms of sounds. Hip-hop having it’s roots way back in this kind of bluesy funk stuff and house having it’s roots in disco.

JAZZ: Galt Macdermot - Ripped Open By Metal Explosions


MD’z revenge – The banger – Focus recordings

This is an essential for me when in the club, stripped down minimal tek house justly being named the banger. It’s originally a Wolfgang Voigt tune(with a horrid vocal) edited to perfection by Mike Dunn done in a way which I always found fascinating, namely the dub way. I mean by this recording it live and adding and substracting the different parts of the track as you play with the faders on your mixing console and build on the eternal groove. A funny story is that I some times had sound guys at the DJ booth scared the PA system was tearing down when the bassy explosion-esque sounds hits in the “chorus” of the track, hehe. If you like this sound you must check Studio One labe l(I mean the minimal one by Wolfgang Voigt, containing lots of these stripped down grooves).

MD'Z Revenge - The Banger - Vinyl Only


Carl A. Finlow – Hashtag (Radioactive man mix) – Electrix

One fat badass Detroit electro beat. I love the Alpha juno hoover sound and the acidlike bubbling arpeggio twisting and twirling around the sparse 808 drums. A peak time club track, making me reminiscing my times in the club as a teenager when there parties were very common here in the Netherlands hosted by Electronation. Man I miss those times, respect to Roy Avni (the organizer and DJ of), you are still missed!

Hashtag (Radioactiveman Remix)


Cyril Diaz Orchestra – Tabu – Cook recordings

Trinidad calypso from Cyril Diaz, they say these records on Cook recordings are recorded in the private ballrooms of one of the Ports of Spain’s largest brothels and that if you listen closely you can hear the people dancing in the audience. What an amazing story that is, right? I really love those old Spanish tinge which takes me to an exotic place of peace and freedom, no matter where I am.

Cyril Diaz Orchestra - Tabu.


Rare silk – Storm – Palo alto records 

Weird but oh so smooth cover of Stanley Turrentine’s original. It has this obvious 80s sound while on the other hand not being corny at all but really mesmerizing. This cover is amazing too and a perfect fit for these late night moments where you just have to zone out.

Rare Silk - Storm ( 1985 )


Black devil disco club – “H” friend – RCA

At the time the speculations were that it was an alias of Richard D. James aka Aphex twin, but all was false, since this duo consists of the infamous library artists Bernard Fevre and Jacky Giordano. It’s a true proto italo proto house track with funnily enough for drums a cassette playing a drumloop, which they played on on top. In those days MIDI was non existent so it’s all recorded live and how.

Black Devil Disco Club - « H » Friend


C.h.a.r.m. – After midnight – Wild flower

Strictly reggae from the land of the dubplates Jamaica. As told before I am very much fascinated by reggae and especially dub since it technically placed the studio engineer in a more prominent place also as a performer. Dub is all about the drum and bass. Fiddling with tape delays and spring reverbs a whole new atmosphere is created of the original stems. Here a Barry White original gets a dub treatment, I play  the original in one of my reggae roots dub selections mix on my soundcloud page.

C.h.a.r.m. - After Midnight


Larry de Kat – Radio K-Nip 4.20FM (Paella Hair Sex) Cat No: PHS002 Format: Vinyl

Utrecht-based DJ and producer Larry de Kat is a rising talent with releases on Slapfunk Records, Lazare Hoche, Ruff and his own Katnip imprint. The artist has built a diverse underground following with his eclectic but distinctive sound gaining support from the likes of Bicep, Mark Farina, Ben UFO and Subb-An. ‘Radio K-Nip 4.20FM’ explores Jazz, Hip-Hop, House and Funk, adding another impressive release to his growing catalogue. Alexis has established himself as a critical figure within the house scene since rising through the ranks in 2011. His illustrious career has seen his material land on prestigious labels like Hot Creations, Mad Tech, Moda Black, Get Physical and Nervous, whilst remixing Disciples, Kim English, Tiger Stripes and Miguel Campbell. The recently launched Paella Hair Sex imprint is the beginning of a new chapter in the long-standing Deep House artist’s musical story. A return to vinyl in 2016 sparked the inspiration behind the vinyl-only label, now welcoming a heavyweight release from Larry de Kat this coming March.
Brief ‘cut and paste’ opener ‘Tune In Turn On’ features immersive drum loops, spoken word vocals and a classic flute sample, laying the way for the rest of the package. The sensational ‘J’ provides a feel-good Deep House affair, as a slick bassline sequence fuses with rising synth lines and soulful vocals to guide listeners on a hypnotic journey. The charming vibe continues on interludes – ‘The Spoiler’, ‘LoPass’ and ‘Zoned Out’ which showcase another side to the artists’ unique style, providing three stripped-back modern jazz affairs. On the flip, Larry de Kat’s rework of Vanity 6’s ‘Nxsty Girl’ combines funk-infused melodies with taut bass guitar-riffs and loose percussion arrangements to keep the energy flowing. ‘Criminally Understated’ is a harmonic slice of old skool gospel and soul – sensual chords, soft keys and fluttering modulations rise through the cosmos, whilst the B-side interludes ‘Lonnies Tune’, ‘Interloot’ and Tribulations round out proceedings in style.


Larry de Kat – Radio K-Nip 4.20FM (Paella Hair Sex) Cat No: PHS002 Format: Vinyl