Back To Mine with Merv

Merv, the dub techno veterans, have done it yet again with the forthcoming Mouche VA. The danish dub act has been producing high quality music on labels like 3rd Wave Black, Minimood, Ranges and Subwax BCN. They’re well-known for classic dub tracks like “Dust” and “Melted Vein” and Merv’s music productions go back to the mid 1990s

Their track on Mouche here is called “Edge” and it demonstrates that the group can make skilled music like this and that (Merv’s style in general). We asked them to pick some music which makes them happy and relaxed, made a musical impact or just something that has some personal stories attached. Here’s what they went for…

1. Monolake – Internal Clock:

Whatever style or genre this artist has been doing over the last two decades everything is just “out of this world” and brilliant. Sometimes it’s quirky ideas or ambient projects and sometimes it has more like a techno feel to it. Monolake is very skilled and has always an interesting sound. We love it!

Monolake - Internal Clock

2. Jan Jelinek – Rock In The Video Age:

This album from 2001 is pure genius. It’s Jan Jelinek’s first album and one of the best electronica albums out there. It goes so deep when jazz meets Boards of Canada meets… not sure if people have forgot this masterpiece. “Rock In The Video Age” is both relaxing and energizing at the same time!

3. Vril – Haus:

Very cosy track and yet the party goes on! This has lots of detroit house emotions and hidden dub chord feelings. Vril is very versatile and his work is sublime!

Vril - Haus [GIEGLING23]

4. Banyek – Biologia:

Always goes for the unthinkable, catchy patterns and takes you on a journey! Experimental or dubby ideas, this guy can work it all. We did a collab project with Banyek in 2016 and we have the highest respect for this artist. Complex time Signatures, noise and grainy… a true all-analogue and live performing artist.

5. Model 500 – Starlight (Moritz Mix):

Need we say more? Detroit music and Berlin melt together in this classic tune. It’s also from the time when we started making dub music ourselves. The Basic Channel imprint has had a huge impact on people and on our music productions throughout the years. Such influencial track and uplifting sound!

Model 500 - Starlight (Moritz Mix aka Maurizio remix 1995)

6. Floating Points – People’s Potential:

We’ve been listening to FP for many years now and it seems like he never stops to amaze. This one is easy-going, mellow, jazzy and you just want to keep that afterparty going… awesome!

Floating Points - People's Potential

7. Rising Sun – The Park

One of our dearest friends from Berlin. Rising Sun is the alias of Steffen Laschinski and his music is often inspired by soul, jazz, detroit techno, ambient etc. “The Park” really gets to you with this vulnerable mood. Rising Sun often collects old sample breaks for the songs and one of his main characteristics. Calm, nostalgic and chilled-out atmosphere!

Rising Sun - The Park [REALITY20182]

8. Roger Gerressen – Spirit:

Another appealing track by Roger. He truly masters the deep house or dubby house genres. This one has deep string vibes and mesmerizing chords on top and it’s like when the sun rises. We truly admire all his work. A class act!

Roger Gerressen - Spirit [JOULE02]

9. So Inagawa – Selfless State:

This japanese producer and co-founder of Cabaret Recordings and his first ep on the same label. Whenever this is played you feel free and very much alive. Enchanting and perfect happiness. This one gives you piece and hope!

So Inagawa - Selfless State

10. Sven Weisemann – Bilateral Relations:

This artist explores deepness even further. It’s soft and tender and the dub themes are always intelligent put together. A real journey!