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Taste of Honey “Boogie Oogie Oogie”

I just absolutely love the bassline and those smooth, sexy vocals… Funk & Soul!

Boogie Oogie Oogie

Prince “Controversy”

No comment. RIP.

Prince - Controversy (Official Music Video)

Rick James “Superfreak”

Give me that Superfreak bassline any day! Such a classic funk jam!

Rick James - Super Freak

Run DMC “My Adidas”

Run DMC was the first electronic music I ever purchased… My Adidas was an instant favorite!

RUN DMC - My Adidas (Audio)

Depeche Mode “Fly on the Windscreen”

Those dark synths were like nothing I’d ever heard before… This song shifted me into a fascination with dark, electronic music.

Depeche Mode - Fly on the Windscreen - Final Music Video

Thomas Barnett “My Nude Photo”

This is THE track that really inspired me to start DJing and created a real passion for electronic dance music within me.

Thomas Barnett - My Nude Photo

Jaydee “Plastic Dreams”

The first time I head this track I was in love. The bass is powerful and moving, and those keys! Such a great track!

Jaydee-Plastic Dreams HQ (Original Long Version)

Dave Clarke “Wisdom to the Wise” (Red #2)

Pure techno bliss! Just listen….

Wisdom To The Wise (Red 2)

Jeff Mills “The Bells”

This track is so raw!

Jeff Mills - The Bells (original mix)

Funk D’Void “Bad Coffee”

An all-time favorite Techno track! One of my favorite samples!

NVNTR featuring Thomas Barnett – The Subway (Visillusion)

NVNTR is a new techno artist from Detroit that has worked with Thomas Barnett as a DJ under the names “DJ DT” and “Phase One” from as far back as the late 1990s. Now they link for a powerful new debut single that comes with remixes from Barnett and Ecilo. Since first working with Barnett, David Tisch (aka NVNTR) has been granted multiple patents in his field at his day job, where he is known as “the inventor”, hence his artist alias. His music is as dark and underground as a subway station and this long time promised collaboration with Barnett marks a fine debut for Tisch. On the arresting opener ‘The Subway,’ NVNTR has created a perfect dark and funky riff that defines this powerful techno cut. Menacing vocals loop over the top of the edgy chord vamps and industrial-tinged drums keep things serious as the track marches on. First to remix is label partner Barnett, whose pounder of a remix is all spaced out. The frazzled synths will fry your brain and the bouncing drums cannot fail to lift you off your feet. Detroit via Indonesian artist Ecilo brings plenty of acid mayhem to his remix, following years of fusing jazz, tech, funk and soul into his fresh house sounds and productions on the likes of Plastic City and Biotech. His rework here rides on a smooth drum, clap and kick combo that is supple and funky and laced with molten 303 as well as whispered vocals.

Out Now… NVNTR featuring Thomas Barnett – The Subway (Visillusion) Cat No: VSD-009