A legendary artist that does not particularly need an intro from us, with a career spanning across decades and more aliases than you can imagine. Such as Format, and The Nighttripper, and the list goes on. Always a classy sound from the Dutch artist can be assured.

Around his recent remix on Moonlight Records on SageThaCat’s latest release we asked Orlando what we would hear if we went back to his…


Rush – Tom Sawyer

This group shaped my drum skills as I was studying Neil since a young age. Symphonic rock at it’s best.

Rush – Tom Sawyer (Official Music Video)

Public Enemy – Rebel Without A Pause

When this one came out it was just a mental ride. the fury real and outspoken.

Public Enemy – Rebel without a pause (Lyrics)

Eric B & Rakim – Follow The Leader

Rakim was way ahead of it’s time and this is one of my favs.

Eric B & Rakim – Follow The Leader

P-Funk All Stars – Hydraulic Pump

All praise go to George Clinton and the entire Pfunk mob. This record had inspired me to make Fix Flash and many other punk influenced records.

PFunk All Stars – Hydraulic Pump

Afrika Bambataa & Soul Sonic Force – Looking For The Perfect Beat

I got introduced to this by my basketball friend way back then and he was from the states and showed me a tape where this was in the mix and cut up ,scratched and backspin ..it changed my entire outlook on music.

Looking For The Perfect Beat (12" Vocal Version) (Remastered)

James Brown – Mind Power

One of my favs from the king of the funk. He has so many.

James Brown – Mind Power

Reese – Bassline

Killer record from Kevin Saunderson this baseline never gets old it’s one of them gems that inspired me a lot.

Reese – Bassline

Cybotron – Clear

This record has special meaning to me because lil did i know i would work with Juan Atkins couple years later on several projects and best known for the hit Infinity Game one.

Cybotron – Clear

Marvin Gaye – T Plays It Cool

This track inspired me to make the type of bassline used on rush hour album and the track is called At Last.

Second Phase – Mentasm

Joey Beltram been an important figure and example for me the way he produced records. These records influenced me along with Atkins to make Frequency project. This records right here to me still stands strong.

Second Phase ‎– Mentasm (Original Mix.) 1991