Chico Buarque – Construção
This is my favorite song of all time and of all genres. As the lyrics state, music is built brick by brick in a logical design. The tension achieved with orchestrated sounds is spine tingling to any music lover.


Hermeto Pascoal – Música na Lagoa
Hermeto is a wizard of sounds. The largest representative of Brazilian jazz fusion. In this rare video, Hermeto’s figure takes on a mythological tone by merging his music and himself with an enchanted nature.

Hermeto Pascoal – Música da Lagoa

Moondog – Bird’s Lament
I came across this artist’s work through Henrik Schwarz’s DJ Kicks in 2006 and I was automatically captured by the beauty and strength of his melodies. Moondog is a reference of avant-garde music and the minimalist movement.

Moondog – Bird's Lament

Chaos in the CBD – Global Erosion
The ability of the New Zealand sibling duo to blend freestyle jazz with electronic music is amazing. Global Erosion is the perfect trail for that sunny Saturday morning.

Chaos In The CBD – Global Erosion

Sueño Latino – Sueño Latino (Illusion First Mix)
This Derrick May version for the Italian project Sueño Latino is the kind of song that thrills me from the first chords. I always listen to it when I want to reconnect with the beauty and the depth of Detroit’s music school.

Sueno Latino – Sueno Latino (Illusion First Mix)

Rhythim is Rhythim – Strings of Life

I could not help selecting this track. My favorite chord progression of all time. A classic that only gets better as time goes by.

Rhythim Is Rhythim – Strings of Life

Azymuth – Linha do Horizonte 
This band from Rio de Janeiro is one of the greatest representatives of Brazilian jazz, full of influences like funk and samba. Linha do Horizonte (Horizon) melody and smooth vocals have the incredible ability to transport my body and mind into a beautiful imaginary world.

Azymuth – Linha Do Horizonte

Timo Lassy – African Rumble
Stunning and inspiring. The Helsinki saxophonist got it right and put his name in the history of contemporary jazz by creating this beautiful song.

Timo Lassy – African Rumble

Herbie Hancock – Watermelon Man
The tribal spirit evoked by the pianist in this song is something that helped me define as an artist. Head Hunters is one of my favorite albums.

DJ Boring – Tribal Dreams
The classic approach, precision and depth of his pads make DJ Boring one of my favorite house music producers of the moment. Percussion and ethnic vocals were perfectly combined on this amazing track.


Ossaim – Trickster (Get Physical Music) GPM538
Get Physical look to Rio de Janeiro talent Ossaim for their next forward- facing EP.
Ossaim has a background in both tech and music production, and a passion for urban music and timeless 90s house, mixing all this up in his studio work. He’s been active for 20-plus years, always playing with synths and drum machines, but only debuted his first release in 2015. He previously appeared on the Cocada EPs on this label, and now showcases his latest across three fresh cuts. Brilliant opener ‘Happi’ is a deep, moody number with thoughtful pads and deft little percussive hits that lock you in. Angelic vocals add to the smooth and seductive effect and mark this one out as a real gem. Just as serene and tender is the lush ‘Trickster’ with its mid-tempo kicks and suspensory pads. Gentle piano chords are muted and filled with real heart that you can’t ignore. Out now… Last of all is the superb ‘The Way Back’, which treads a line between deep house, dub and techno. Cosmic details drift by as reverberating hits ring out into space and well buried drums subtly hook you in.

Out now… Ossaim – Trickster (Get Physical Music) GPM538