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New Order – True Faith

„[…] My morning sun is the drug that brings me near to the childhood I lost, replaced by fear.“ – Sorry, but it doesn’t get any better than this. It took me over 30 years to recognize the impact and influence this particular song had on my life and creativity. This song should be a basic part in every first aid kit.

New Order - True Faith (1987) (Official Music Video) [HD REMASTERED]


Steve Reich – Piano Phase

The magic of repetition. This minimalistic approach and central motif goes deeper than some larger symphonies from the centuries before. It feels like an early experiment of what later became the basic design of electronic (dance) music and its aesthetic richness. The one-man-performance by Peter Aidu is stellar.

HQ HD - Steve Reich - Piano Phase - Performed by Peter Aidu - Full Recording


Genesis – The Brazilian

Please tell me one single person that hasn’t somehow been touched by anything that Phil Collins sang or Genesis played. In my opinion, this instrumental piece defines the artistic peak of the „Phil-Collins-Genesis-era“ and strongly influenced my way of composing and electronically designed patterns.

Genesis - The Brazilian


CJ Bolland – Neural Paradox

The first ever-bought record always remains as some kind of personal milestone. In fact, CJ Bolland only created general milestones during that time. That used copy had (and still has) scratches all over which made the process of learning DJing much harder back then, but definitely more effective.



Jamie Bissmire – Number & Measure (Chris McCormack Remix)

I’m still telling stories about that track on a regular basis: It took me years to identify that track and actually lay hands on the record. Years after its release the internet made it possible and eventually, I immediately bought two copies just to be safe. This weirdly sampled one-of-kind energy never lost/looses its appeal for me.

(HD) Jamie Bissmire - Number & Measure (Chris McCormack Remix) - HD


Redhead – Mysterious

Another track I’ve been searching for quite some time. The groove, the rhythm and most of all the „mysterious“ melody still triggers fascination and goosebumps for me. A perfect example for those „B2“ tracks being the secret hit of some records.

Redhead - Mysterious


Mario Piu & Mauro Picotto – Imperiale (Regalo Mix)

Still played, forever loved. The whole Picotto/Bortolotti/Ferri crew created magnificent and timeless Techno music during the change of the century – especially on BXR and Sacrifice. This track shows how simplicity works out if each sound is chosen and balanced out well, creating this unique atmosphere and fulminant sound.

Mario Piu & Mauro Picotto - Imperiale (Regalo Mix)


Buzz Fuzz – Frequencies

Some might smirk, some might roll their eyes, but do not underestimate the power, quality and imagery of hardcore and gabba. This particular piece is one of my alltime favorites besides other „Dreamteam“ productions. Mokum and Technohead also have been a siginificant influence on me. „Frequencies“ could be termed a hardcore masterpiece.

Dj Buzz Fuzz - Frequencies


The Field – Thought vs. Action

Once again, the power of repetition, the power of sampling, the power of organically induced and electronically modified atmospheres. A track fallen out of time. Even the title delivers an important message, simply thinking about the incongruity of thinking/talking and acting, eventually.

The Field - Thought vs. Action


Frank Zappa – G-Spot Tornado

Legend. Nothing more to add to that. Designed and composed using the Synclavier in the 1980s, this should be in the electronic music history books.

Frank Zappa - G-Spot Tornado


Rico Puestel – Obi Thine Xi (LP) (Exhibition)

Rico Puestel’s fantasy concept album ‘OBI THINE XI’ has been four years in the making and lands on his Exhibition label this September and is a multi-layered techno exploration that tells holistic stories of space and time. Rico Puestel has had an adventurous career that started with his first DJ gig, aged 13. His music has come on labels like Get Physical, Cocoon Recordings and DirtyBird sub-label Mothership with high profile support from big names like Adam Beyer and Richie Hawtin. The man himself is a pianist, drummer, guitarist and Zappa lover with more than 40 releases to his name and DJ dates that have taken him worldwide. This new album was started in 2017, and various tracks have been road-tested since. The fantasy concept of OBI THINE XI comes from a wondrous holistic place and explores our perception of the present. On the one side of SPACE, the plot is based on the idea of an exhibition walkthrough and represents the different musical mindsets of Puestel. On the other side of TIME, there’s a 12 “-exclusive mini-album within the album itself that pays tribute to vinyl with four tracks at the end of each side, adding fresh takes on the album’s main themeThis most accomplished record opens with the glistening electronics and cosmic synth ambiance of ‘Promenade (The Cosmos Gave It. Prophecies Agog And Clear)’ then ‘Obi Xi’ is an epic 11-minute-plus techno workout with caustic drums and textural synths designed to drown you in sound. ‘DED2TFREF99&LVBREFOP125DIR#35’ is another high-intensity track with big cantering drums and tense synth patterns, while ‘Voluptuous Antics Enter The Hemisphere’ keeps you on edge with its star-gazing pads and unrelenting synth-heavy techno pressure. Elsewhere there are mind-melting excursions like ‘Modest Exhibition’ and ‘DED2UUREFG00&AOBREFATSW93DIR#26’ with their loopy synth lines and unsettling melodies ramping up the pressure. The peak time ‘Laps’ is a maximal and muscular track awash with tense synths, and ‘Thine (The Cosmos Takes It. Looking Back In Rapture)’ is a more paired back tune with slick minimal drum programming and astral synth work that comes back from the future. ‘DED2?REF?98&PJREFA91DIR#1’ closes out this high-grade album with powerful drums and supersized cosmic synth work that never lets up.


Out Now… Rico Puestel – Obi Thine Xi (LP)(Exhibition) Cat. No.:XBITLP01Format: Vinyl & Digital

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