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Interpol – Untitled

One of my all time favorite bands. Every second is filled with emotion, deeply melancholic. My way to start a listening session.

Untitled (2012 Remaster)


Stavroz – Whale Parade

Experimental and beautiful. I discovered this song during my last trip to Portugal’s south coast, I immediately connected with the feeling behind its mysterious melodies and its incredible selection of instruments and sounds.

Stavroz - Whale Parade


James Holden – Renata

Powerful, deep, intense and completely surreal. James Holden always surprises me. He really pushes the limits of electronic music from a creative perspective and always communicates a truly unique and strong message.


Leafar Legov – Our Love Is Strong

A true masterpiece. A portal. Dreamy, elegant and deeply emotional. There is a hidden spell behind its groove, piano and vocal.

Leafar Legov - Our Love Is Strong - Family EP - [GLG21] - 2017


Nils Frahm – For – Peter – Toilet Brushes – More

An open sea of emotions. The full spectrum of feelings. Nils Frahm’s landscapes are one of a kind.

For – Peter – Toilet Brushes – More


Nicolas Jaar – Why Didn’t You Save Me

A melancholic, poetic and powerful goodbye letter. Nicolas Jaar is probably the producer I admire the most. In my opinion, he completely transformed the electronic music world inspiring a countless amount of artists. The creative freedom behind his music is incomparable.

Nicolas Jaar - Why Didn't You Save Me


Leafar Legov – Resident Advisor Mix

1 hour and 9 minutes of traveling deep inside your mind and body. Unfolding every feeling, sensation, thought, dream and memory your conscious and subconscious mind ever experienced. One of my favorite discoveries in the past few years.


Flying Lotus – Coronus, the Terminator

This song is like a whisper from the underworld. Puts me in a very particular mysterious and almost scary state of mind. Amazing song from an incredibly talented producer I admire.

Flying Lotus - Coronus, The Terminator


Colyn – It’s All Over

This particular track comes from an upcoming artist that has a very unique style in my opinion. I really like the sounds he uses to communicate such powerful emotions.

AL037 - Colyn - It's All Over


David August – Consolation

The perfect closing for an auditive voyage.

David August - Consolation


Sainte Vie – Reverie (Stil Vor Talent) Release: 26th March 2021 Cat No: SVT293

Sainte Vie’s ‘Reverie’ is one of the many standout tracks on Stil Vor Talent’s excellent forthcoming ‘Schneeweiß 12’ compilation. Sainte Vie is the live act project of Pablo Piña, a Mexican electronic music producer, sound engineer and founder of the Akumandra label. He’s currently based in New York, in his mid twenties, and has collaborated with Who Made Who, remixed Acid Pauli and Sam Shure and released on this label as well as Kompakt, Ouie and Akumandra. He has plenty of new music lined up this year for the likes of Cercle and Akumandra and this new production is another singular gem.
The lush ‘Reverie’ is a gorgeous melodic house track that builds in captivating stages. The smooth groove is overlaid with circling loops of twinkling pads and, eventually, big, broad bass strokes arrive to add weight and deeper emotions. It’s the sort of star-gazing tune to trap you in a trance in the middle of the dance floor during the depths of the night. Both as a standalone tune, and as part of the compilation, this is an essential new offering from the continually excellent Stil Vor Talent label and the hotly tipped Sainte Vie.


Out now… Sainte Vie – Reverie (Stil Vor Talent) Cat No: SVT293