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01. Matthew Herbert -- Around the House

A complete House Album, just beautiful. Perfect for listening, same time its also working in the club.

Matthew Herbert - Around The House

02. Aphex Twin -- Selected Ambient Works 85-92

Not easy to say which Aphex Twin tracks influenced us most. This one is for sure one of his magnum Opus, but also his Album “I care because you do” and lots of his great productions. I am still a big fan but i must admit that i am a bit more into his older musical history. He is Legend!

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Vol. 3 (2015) - user48736353001 compilation

03.  The John Coltrane Quartet – Greensleeves

Amazing version of an old english folk tune by one of my most admired musical masters and his glorious quartet. The piano solo by McCoy Tyner is highly recommended !

04. Massive Attack – Protection

Instant goosebumps. Should list the whole Album here plus the Blue Lines plus the Mezzanine or No Protection… Listened to this around 4000 times and it kind of defined my teens.

Massive Attack - Protection

05. Ada Kaleh – Introspectie EP

Our romanian friend Iulian at its best. His melodies and breaked Beats are top notch. Check him out in case you havent!!!

Ada Kaleh - Introspectie EP

06. Ravi Shankar and Ali Akbar Khan – Bangla Dun

This Music reflects my deepest feelings for the beauty of life. It is so beautiful that it is sad by the  same time, because every note has to leave for the next one and cannot stay. In this way it reminds of the transience of beauty and life itself, like a cherry tree in full blossom.

Ravi Shankar - " Bangla Dhun " ( excerpt )

07. Kit Clayton Nek Sanalet – Purpakana

Brilliant Dub styles from Kit Clayton. Dub always had a great influence on us. Still loving all our analog Delays that we are still using in the studio. The Label Scape has also plenty of other treasures and jewels in their catalogue.

Kit Clayton "Nek Sanalet"(1999).Track 02:"Purpakana"


08. Sun Ra – Looking Outward

One of my favourites from the great Sun Ra, because it is so harmonious and rhythmic, and by the same time it is not ! When I listen to this, I feel complete freedom to do WHAT I LIKE as a musician.

Sun Ra - Looking Outward

09. Grant Green – Sookie, Sookie

From my earliest experiences with that thing called “JAZZ”, definitely on my feet, moving. Shaped my guitar playing like nothing else, and inspired me to play while dancing and dance while playing.

Sookie, Sookie - Grant Green Sextet - Live (1970) (HD Quality)

10. Wareika – Harmonie Park

Okay, we did this Album with our other project Wareika by ourselves, but its fuckin good. 😀 A track/album/piece with almost 64min in one flow is not easy to find in electronic music and people are telling us since years how they are enjoying this release from us for chilling, making love, sleeping, meditating, warming up a party or afterhours. And this is, what music is about.

Silky Raven – Seychelles to Rave (Fantôme de Nuit)

Jakob Seidensticker and Henrik Raabe are Silky Raven, and together they have cooked up three stunning new tracks for the young but accomplished Fantôme de Nuit label. Before now Jakob Seidensticker and Henrik Raabe have been best known as part of the Wareika team and have won plenty of rightful acclaim for their EPs and recent LP on Visionquest. After 20 years working together this latest collaborative project is hugely diverse and well informed by myriad sounds and scenes, and this new EP is the latest and greatest testament to that. Old and new synths and plenty of carefully dug out samples make up the tracks and lend them a real analogue feel. The aim with the music, say the artists, is to make people happy even when they are sad, and to be positive in the face of adversity. “This time we were quite caught by simple melodies,” say the German pair who make use of some found sounds recorded in the Seychelles. And those recordings sure do add an authentic warmth and exotic feel to the title track, which is a cosmic bit of freaky house with trilling string sounds, synths glistening like waves and underlapping beats that carry you away. A killer bass line appears and really drives things on as finger clicks and twinkling keys flesh out the groove. The elegant ‘Jupiter to Jupiter’ is another warm and atmospheric house roller with exquisite synth lines and perfectly designed sounds adding layers of spaced-out colour and melancholic melody to mid tempo drums. Sombre yet uplifting, it is a well arranged track that never stops evolving. Excellently widescreen closer ‘Billions’ continues with an arrestingly sombre mood thanks to its sad chords and pained drones, but one finger keys add a real sense of hope. The richness and slickness of the sounds once again make this track impossible to ignore. Silky Raven make faultless electronic music that is both full of poignancy yet also irresistible on the dance floor.

Silky Raven – Seychelles to Rave (Fantôme de Nuit) Release: 11th April 2016 Cat. No. FDN005