Back To Mine with Simon Jefferis

Mista President- Souljazz Orchestra

Yesss get some drinks served up and the good music on. This recently has been my go-to song as soon as I get everyone over. Immediately sets the tone for those gooooood vibrations. Music that can facilitate dancing if you wanna and good chat if you don’t.

The Souljazz Orchestra - Mista President (Original Version)

Butcher Brown – Tales from the Shrine

Wooooweeeeee what’s better than a supergroup like Butcher Brown paying tribute to Fela Kuti? That whole record is killer but love this track from it the most. Going through so much Afrobeat at the moment and love hearing newer bands paying their respects and doing it so well.

Butcher Brown - Tales From The Shrine

Sunlightsquare – I believe in Miracles (Broken Party Animal Mix)

Love the original and love this remix. People know it so well, so everyone has a little sing-along with their boogie.

03 Sunlightsquare - I Believe in Miracles (Broken Party Animal Mix) [Sunlightsquare Records]

James Brown – I feel Good (Sam Redmore’s Afro Mix)

Ohhhhhh okay hold the phone…. Sam Redmore is on the line – serving up some of that old school classic FUNK with a side of new… I’ll get back to you.

James Brown - I Feel Good (Sam Redmore's Afromix)

Jazz Session For No Future People – Folamour

What is it about a HEAVY beat with jazz-laced keys that makes you want to dance? The keys in this song do something to me every time. The long intro makes everyone so ready for it once it drops…

Folamour - Jazz Session for No Future People

Djembe – Cody Currie 

Okay we in now… time to get up and move. First heard this song from my friend Josh Mason (From the Somewhere Soul Blog) and I think I’ve played it every weekend since. An absolute gem from Cody Currie. It’s the percussion I think for me.

cody currie - djembe!

Agita (Spiritual South Remix) – Havana Cultura Sometimes you gotta break things up a bit and switch up the vibe

So the people (basically me) don’t get too lost in the sauce. This is one that does that perfectly. Get some hats out, get a conga line going, the song will do the rest.

Agita (Spiritual South Remix) by Havana Cultura / Gilles Peterson

All Night – Romare

Romare has a special place in all of our hearts. Some songs just take you to a time and a place, this is one of them. I feel like this is the anthem of our friends. Funky basslines and killin’ vocals.

The Blues (It Began in Africa) – Romare

Likewise with this one. Saw Romare live a few times live over the past few years and this always reminds us of that. There’s something about this track. Whenever we play it, everyone stops what they’re doing and dances. The percussion is too much. One of my all-time fav tracks!

Romare - The Blues (It Began In Africa)

Like You Wanna – Dan Kye

Jordan Rakei’s alter ego with some funky house grooves. The bassline. The 3 kicks. The vocals that gradually come in more and more. We out here groooovin baby!

Dan Kye - Like You Wanna

Simon Jefferis ‘Vibrations’ LP (DeepMatter)

Brixton based polymath Simon Jefferis has been setting mouths ajar with his expertly-crafted, atmosphere-heavy beats over the past few years. With his reputation as both a talented instrumentalist and adaptive producer steadily circulating through the city’s hip hop undercurrents, 2020 sees Jefferis return to rising label DeepMatter with his debut LP ‘Vibrations’. From the golden era energies of ‘Back 2 Ours’ featuring Austin’s Abhi The Nomad, through to the silky smooth melodies of ‘White Rabbit’ (featuring the incredible Rosie Lowe on vocals) and shoulder swaying rhythms of ‘Something In The Water’, ‘Vibrations’ is an expertly crafted production masterclass from start to finish. With ease, Jefferis demonstrates the breadth of his musical capabilities, turning his hand to guitar, keys, drums and bass (with a little help from his friends along the way) with incredible results. Head nod inducing beats, jazz-infused keys and interweaving textures make this a stand out record amongst the already sonically rich London jazz scene.

Simon Jefferis ‘Vibrations’ LP (DeepMatter) Release date: 12th June 2020