Back To Mine with Stelios Vassiloudis

Stelios Vassiloudis enters an inspiring new phase as he unveils his sophomore LP All Else Fails available March 25th via Balance Music.

Hailing from Athens, Greece, Stelios Vassiloudis poses a triple threat as a composer, producer and DJ. Having been active in the electronic music scene since the early 2000s he has cultivated his own brand of distinctive ambience reflective of his rich and diverse musical background; transcending the dance floor via an emotional narrative of complex soundscapes, intricate harmonies and hypnotic rhythms. Over the past decade Stelios has released music under various other monikers, yet this new endeavour is his most diligent to date – allowing him to rediscover his love for making music during the process, Im more hopeful, inspired and determined than ever before.

Ten years on from the release of his debut LP, Stelios’ detail-oriented offerings remain incomprehensibly thought-provoking and thorough with this new album. Both emotive and technically astute, the creative intuition packed into All Else Fails is almost difficult to fathom – “If theres one consistent modus operandi I try to adhere to, Id say its to create music with purposeIt seems like such a waste to make something intentionally generic or unoriginal.

And now sit back and enjoy a quite remarkable Back To Mine from the Greek legend…


Squarepusher – iambic 5 poetry
The late 90s Warp Records sound was a massive part of my university soundtrack and it always brings back fond memories. I love everything Squarepusher does but this is one of my absolute favourites – everything about it is just perfect and it still sounds amazing after 20 years!
Squarepusher - Iambic 5 Poetry

DJ Shadow – Midnight in a Perfect World
DJ Shadow and the whole Mo Wax movement was one of my most formative influences as began to discover electronic music and continues to impact my work today. It’s hard to pick out a highlight from such an impressive discography but this one just shouts “late night” to me.
DJ Shadow - Midnight In A Perfect World

Miles Davis – Blue In Green
There’s really not much to say about “Blue In Green” that hasn’t been said before. Probably one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever recorded, featuring 3 musical giants at the peak of their powers.
Miles Davis - Blue In Green (Official Audio)

Tangerine Dream – Love on a Real Train
Another late night soundtrack favourite – perhaps too obvious – this has been played, covered and featured to death but remains a modern classic. What I find interesting about these highly evocative types of songs is that their interpretation and imagery can vary so greatly, depending on contextual factors.
Tangerine Dream Love On A Real Train New Version HD

The Album Leaf – MP
Back in the good old days of VHS, I discovered a lot of great music from unlikely sources, such as skateboarding videos. Although I was already heavily into Tortoise, Trisetza, Sea and Cake etc, it would have probably taken me ages to come across this in a world without algorithms, playlists and the internet.
The Album Leaf - The Mp

nthng – With You
For me, what makes this so brilliant is its absolute simplicity and intimacy.


DJ Krush – Song 1
One more turntablist/Mo Wax alumnus – I think this is one of the most classy, delicate and tranquil songs I’ve ever heard. It’s no coincidence it’s the opener on an album called “Zen”!
DJ Krush - Song 1 (vinyl)

Jan Jelinek – Rock in The Video Age
I first heard this record playing at the old Rough Trade shop in Neal’s Yard and immediately grabbed my copy. It was my first step into a larger and more sophisticated (techno) world.
Rock In The Video Age

St Germain – Sure Thing
This is probably on everyone’s list – and with good reason. It’s still as chic, deep and sexy as ever. A perfectly produced and recorded track.
St Germain - Sure Thing [Official Music Video]

J Majik – Mermaids
J Majik is one of my favourite Metalheadz producers, but this album (and song) are something else entirely. It bridges the gap for many genres from that era and yet still sounds so fresh today.

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence 
I’m not world’s biggest fan of the film, but the soundtrack (and this song, in particular) has always, always stood out – ever since the first time I heard it. Ryuichi Sakamoto is a modern treasure, as far as I’m concerned, and one of my most beloved composers. The sheer diversity and consistent quality of his work is something every artist should aspire to.
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence

All Else Fails is out March 25 2022 via Balance Music on 2LP/Cassette/Digital/Streaming


The new single ‘End Transmission’ is out now. Listen here: 

Album Tracklisting:


  1. End Transmission (Album Version)
  2. Too Little Too Late
  3. Ashes
  4. Mother
  5. Neon Dream
  6. White Cells
  7. Avissos
  8. Womb
  9. All Else Fails
  10. Time To Die

2LP + Bonus download (Limited Edition):

A1. End Transmission (Album Version)

A2. Too Little Too late

A3. Ashes

A4. Mother

B1. White Cells

B2. Avissos

B3. Womb

C1. Neon Dream

C2. All Else Fails

C3. Time To Die

D1. End Transmission (John Beltran’s Sweet Sunny Mix)

D2. White Cells (Yui Onodera Remix)

D3. Neon Dream (ELWD edit) (DJ Version)

D4. Time To Die (Heathered Pearls Remix)

Cassette (Limited Edition):

Side A

  1. End Transmission (Album Version)
  2. Too Little Too Late
  3. Ashes
  4. Mother
  5. Neon Dream
  6. White Cells
  7. Avissos
  8. Womb

Side B

  1. All Else Fails
  2. Time To Die
  3. End Transmission (John Beltran’s Sweet Sunny remix)
  4. White Cells (Yui Onodera Remix)
  5. Neon Dream (ELWD Remix) (DJ Version)
  6. Time To Die (Heathered Pearls remix)