Back To Mine with Subject 13

World wide respected, genre blending, music producer and dance music pioneer Subject 13 returns with the gritty new hip hop track “Dripping Sauce” featuring Conscious Route. Frank lyrics spit out over hard-hitting stark rhythms & futuristic bleeps belying his rave and drum n’ bass roots. With fans ranging from contemporary tastemakers such as BBC Radio 6’s Gilles Peterson, Fabio & Grooverider, LTJ Bukem and EBTG’s Ben Watt, Subject 13 burst through with the instant classic rave tracks “Eternity” and “Promise”. Hugely creative and influential in the early drum & bass scene signing “Oceans” to Fabio’s label Creative Source and “Faith” to LTJ Bukem’s label, Good Looking, S13 went on to set up Vibez Recordings introducing artists such as Seba, Paradox, Alaska, Big Bud & Intense, exemplary talents at the cutting edge for over 20 years with a sound that’s stretched beyond the conventional.

A solo album “Disclosed Knowledge” with Sony Japan, included the epic track “Phuture” and then came the Black Steele Project signed to Crammed/BMG. A rare and surprising commercial release “Angels” featured on various Kiss FM compilations, as well as numerous UK National TV advertising campaigns, and is as evergreen a decade later. An enigmatic figure in UK electronic dance music who continues to DJ frequently in Europe, S13’s beats have been hugely influential despite being largely uncredited for his genre-blending productions.


“Promised Land” –   Joe Smooth 

Just an amazing track that changed everything back in its day. Soulful harmonics and blissfully uplifting lyrics…this captured the hearts of everyone.

“Can You Feel It”  – Fingers inc 

So ahead of it’s time with its beautifully crafted analogue synths. Lush and empowering at the same time it’s a classic anthem.

“Energy Flash” – Joey Beltram

Big big track and just instantly impacted any environment of dance music – house, techno, rave, hardcore – this smashed through everything.

“The Step” – Wax Doctor 

Carries such a feel from the early dnb days. A great bit of music captured in time.

Wax Doctor - The Step

“Bitches Brew” – Miles Davis  

Simply the greatest jazz album of all time…outstanding album.

“Heavy Weather” –   Weather Report

A band filled with so many great artists who all went on to have great Solo careers. A simply stunning album.

Weather Report - Heavy Weather (1977) FULL ALBUM Vinyl Rip

Searching Hard” –   Da Posse 

Maybe not the biggest name from the early Chicago house era but Da Posse put out some amazing releases and this is a real fave of mine.

Searchin' Hard (Mike Dunn's AC mix)

“King of Sorrow” – Sade 

Touching song from the woman with the golden voice. I love everything from Sade and she’s s North London superstar which is where I’m from.

Sade - King Of Sorrow - Official - 2001

“What’s My Name” – DMX

Energy and realism…the legendary artist at his finest.

DMX - What's My Name?

“Gold and Diamonds” – Seba 

Great tracks that are crafted so well with a haunting vocal that really sets a mood..classic brilliance.

“Inner City Life” –   Goldie featuring Diane Charlemagne

Simply the greatest vocal DnB tune of all time.

Goldie - Inner City Life

 “2 Pages” – 4 Hero

Welcome to a piece of real dance music history….a must for any collection and highest calibre UK music production.

4hero - Loveless feat. Ursula Rucker

‘Dripping Sauce’ by Subject 13 & Conscious Route is available now on R&S Records
Cat No: RS2211 – 3617052219433