Back To Mine with Summers Sons


Slum Village – Untitled/Fantastic

No one did it like Slum Village, the vibe they created is unmatched. Incredible production throughout this album, Dilla was so ahead of his time people are still catching up, I can’t even imagine the stuff he’d be making now if he was still around.



Stevie Wonder – Seems So Long

Stevie’s one of those artists that just seems to exist on another level of creativity and talent, the fact that he plays every instrument on this album is even more incredible.


D’angelo – Chicken Grease

Seeing D’angelo live is probably the closest I’ve come to a religious experience, he has so many classic tracks to choose from but the bassline on this one is special, classic Pino Palladino.

D'angelo - Chicken Grease


Azymuth – Dear Limmertz

The perfect groove, can’t help but dance to this one. Incredible bassline and the vocoder brings the track to life.

Azymuth - Dear Limmertz


Gangstarr – Moment of Truth

First heard this song on an old PS2 game at around 11 or 12, it was the first hip hop I’d heard that wasn’t on the radio and had a deeper message, I was obsessed with it and would play it on repeat for hours.


Pharoah Sanders – Harvest Time

What can I say about this one? Such a beautiful track, 20 minutes of pure bliss.

Pharoah Sanders - Harvest Time


Cleo Sol – When I’m in Your Arms

Such a great track, the bassline, percussion, epic strings and Cleo’s voice is incredible. Everything she puts out has got that classic sound to it. Inflo’s production contributes to that a lot, he’s also done great stuff with SAULT and Michael Kiwanuka.

When I'm in Your Arms


Foreign Beggars – Mind Out

One of the first UK hip hop albums I listened to, so many classic tracks on there but this one used to get played on repeat, featuring Skrein before he moved to Hollywood. Classic UK hip hop.

Foreign Beggars - Mind Out ft. Skrein


Marvin Gaye – Soon I’ll Be Loving You Again

One of my favourites from Marvin, the ultimate late night jam.

Soon I'll Be Loving You Again - Marvin Gaye


The Streets – Weak Become Heroes

Mike Skinner is an incredible storyteller, ‘Original Pirate Material’ is such a classic and groundbreaking album and this track sums up my late teens and early 20’s perfectly.

The Streets - Weak Become Heroes (Official Video)


Summers Sons ‘Nostalgia’ LP (Melting Pot Music)

South London Jazz Rap group Summers Sons excite with an updated and matured sound on their new album Nostalgia. Brothers Turt (rap) and Slim (production) have created a masterful coming-of-age rap album from a 90s baby perspective. Nostalgia is a classic in the making. Over the course of ten songs, Summers Sons reflect on their past, present and future as sons, brothers, husbands, fathers and friends. Accompanied by longtime friend and musical partner C.Tappin, Alt R&B sensation KeepVibesNear and MC/community activist Eerf Evil. Since signing with Melting Pot Music in 2018, Summers Sons have released two albums plus various EPs, a beat tape and a collaboration project with Twit One as Syrup. They are part of The Silhouettes Project (alongside Enny, Kofi Stone, Bel Cobain, Manic MC, Lex Amor and more) and kicked off their own label Lightworks earlier this year. Summers Sons have accumulated over 24 million streams and are regularly featured in prominent playlists like Jazz Rap, Butter, Alterna and Jazz Vibes. All their releases are available on vinyl, too.

Out Now… Summers Sons ‘Nostalgia’ LP (Melting Pot Music)