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Boysnoize Records snap up exciting new talent Taube for a fantastic debut EP on the label. Taube is based in Berlin but has a totally unique sound. His beats are fired from a catapult, his melodies are delirious and driving, and his tracks are packed with neon colours. He makes music to flip your mind inside out and get you in a sweat and this thrilling new EP take inspiration from techno, happy hardcore, hyperpop, rave and glitch.

Ursula Bogner – 2 Ton (1969-1988)
Let’s hit off with a unique modular piece by Ursula Bonger, created somewhere between 1969 and 1988. I feel her passion and love for what she’s doing in that beauty. Just meditating about this one is pure pleasure for me.
Ursula Bogner - 2 Ton

PTU – Castor and Pollux (2019)
“Am I How I Am“ is my favorite album of 2019. Innovative sound design – building new bridges between rave, techno, experimental, and ambient with a touch of acid. Listening to this album was and is still a deep music journey for me.
PTU - Castor And Pollux

Blawan – 993 (2017)
Not sure if we should stay on the dance floor here…? Love that grittiness and that vocalish modular main synth. There are tonnes of other nice Blawan tracks also…
Blawan - 993 [TESC004]

Monolake – Mass Transit Railway (1997)
Let’s come down a bit again… Robert Henke is not only a very talented musician in my perspective but also one of my favorite developers. Beautiful album, my second favorite track is „Macau“.
Monolake - Mass Transit Railway

Plaid – Do Matter (2016)
What dimension are we in here? Hard to decide, which song to choose from Plaid. There are just too many good ones, I think. I love all their albums. Inspired a lot by different electronic music genres and styles, Plaid’s songs are symphonies and stand for me for very innovative sound. I also love the Orbital Remix of Plaid’s Maru a lot.
Plaid - Do Matter (Official Video)

Special Request – No Other Way To Say It (2020)
A bit more classic I guess, for me just a beautiful song.
Special Request - No Other way To Say It

Akkord – Conveyor (2013)
Yes, we’re hearing sacred geometry, complex polyrhythms, and clean sound design. 3Dos and Hex_ad are my next favorites…
Akkord - Conveyor [Houndstooth]

Efdemin – Oh, Lovely Appearance of Death (2019)
Just too many good songs by this guy. By the way, this song is also very good for Sound-system or headphone testing 😉
Oh, Lovely Appearance of Death

Dj Stingray – The Strategy of Tension (2016)
There is no way there is a list of my favorite songs without Dj Stingray.
The Strategy of Tension

DAF – Als wär’s das letzte Mal (Boys Noize Remix) (2017)
In my opinion, there are just too many good songs by Boys Noize and DAF. Both together is just such a vibe!
DAF - Als wär's das letzte Mal (Boys Noize Remix) - Official Video

Artist: Taube
Title: Where To Go?
Label: Boysnoize Records
Release: 27th May 2022
Cat No: BNR217
Format: Digital