1. Kikagaku Moyo/幾何学模様 – Silver Owl

Further on the psyche tip, I discovered this band a couple of years ago on a regular Bandcamp shopping spree. The whole album, “House in the Tall Grass” is a must and it was hard to pick just one. “Silver Owl” is a serious journey and you have stuck with it for the full 10mins. The band’s artwork is always incredible also.

Kikagaku Moyo – Silver Owl

2. Human Flesh – Every Ill Man

Alain Neffe did no wrong IMO. This is one of my favourites of his, especially as it features Debbie Jaffe on vocals – on constant rotation. 

Human Flesh – Every Ill Man

3. Solanaceae Tau – Tanks Of Xiao Ping

Right up my alley this one. Resonating drums & angst vocals working perfectly.

Solanaceae Tau ‎- Tanks Of Xiao Ping

4. Dono Detti – Forbidden 

If I’m looking to a good New Wave fix, Dono Detti is never too far away.  The Australian band have some seriously sick tracks.

Dono Detti – Forbidden 1984

5. Ekman – Just A Machine

This was released by the awesome Glauben label. I love its freaky essence. And the drum production is heavy.

Just A Machine (Original Mix)

6. Lanark Artefax – Moo Orphaned Drift

Lanark Artefax has an incredible sound, metallic, chaotic and lush. This track covers all the bases. 

Lanark Artefax – Moo Orphaned Drift

7. Robyrt Hecht & XY0815 – The Left Lane

This has been in the box for a while now and it gets as much play at home as it does on the dance floor for me.

Robyrt Hecht & XY0815 – The Left Lane (R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings)

8. Maenad Veyl – They Belonged with the Others

I love Maenads’ productions and this track is really once of his best in my opinion. A big sound that rattles through systems and has so much energy!

Maenad Veyl – They Belonged with the Others

9. Demen – Mea

Haunting as hell. I love it. 

10. sika redem – sekret redem

I literally can’t fucking get enough this track. That riff sticks with me for days, id happily listens to this 10 times on the trot. its been 5 already this time around. A beautifully sombre but hopeful earworm.

sika redem – sekret redem

Thomaas Banks – Necare Disko (inc. TYVYT-IYTYI and Hymns remixes) (Sinahti)

Necare Disko is the debut original release from Thomaas Banks, marking the launch of his own Sinahti imprint this November. U.K. born, L.A. based Thomaas Banks has a passion for the darker side of Techno and Electronica, with a keen focus on creating his own unique sound palette. His previous remix work and production has led to the launch of his own label Sinahti and the start of what is sure to be an engaging run of music for fans of tougher electronic sounds. The release opens with title track ‘Necare Disko’, a low slung, futuristic affair with gnarly metallic synths and apocalyptic orchestration riding over a rolling drum pattern to provide plenty of grind & glimmer.
Next up we have second original ‘Vital Claret’ which ups the tempo on a rousing trip the chasm’s edge. Ring modulated, arpeggiated leads clash with the insistent embers of modular rebellion as the whole things leads down into the deep. The first of the two remixes sees Pinkman regular TYVYT-IYTYI take on ‘Necare Disko’, delivering a syncopated noise workout with a superb detuned noir melody that is pure perfection. That is closely followed by a remix from L.A. duo Hymns who bring the package to a conclusion with a loose-limbed, electro rework driven by distorted bass funk and taut drum programming.

Thomaas Banks – Necare Disko (inc. TYVYT-IYTYI and Hymns remixes) (Sinahti) Release: 15th November 2019 Cat No: Sinahti001