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Partyman – Prince

Jamie – what is a house party without some Prince? well, tbh I’d be satisfied with Prince as the soundtrack for the whole night… this is a short, fun bop, drenched in JB funk, and bound to bring out the debauchery in everyone (also featuring the best joker of all time in the video 😉  

Prince - Partyman (Official Music Video)

We Share Our Mothers Health – The Knife

Jamie – the Knife and Karin Dreijer’s Fever Ray are a constant source of inspiration and fearlessness. always loved this one.

The Knife live: 'We Share Our Mothers Health'

I Ain’t Safe (feat. Ideeyah) – Waajeed

Jamie – one of Detroit producer Waajeed’s tunes I played quite a lot over the past year. from his 2018 album which has a few gems. great vox hooks, soulful with some sass, motor city strings, and a bassline dipping in n’ out with swag.

Umunutu (feat. Okmalumkoolkat) – Julio Bashmore

Kamilah – because this some lets me pretend I’m a b-girl. which I am not at all. I just can’t help it. I love the tension in the hook and release into the groove…always gets me. I want to dance battle now.

Bonnie and Clyde – Destra Garcia

Kamilah – the chorale vocal in the chorus is heavenly, and the anticipation in the intro STILL GETS ME JUST AS HYPE as it did in 2004. imagine having this played and singing it with thousands of people at mas (Trinidadian carnival). transcendental. this song got me hyped in my teens and it still does now. also, soca vocals are a whole other beast of endurance, jubilant expression and control that most singers…don’t have! gwan destra!!!

Destra Garcia- Bonnie & Clyde

Love Is Free – Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique

Kamilah – this is just, simply put, a fucking jam. there is no way around it. once this song starts it cannot be stopped. the perfect organized chaos in both audio and visual. also, makes me feel large and in charge. imma give it to you, baybee.

Robyn, La Bagatelle Magique - Love Is Free ft. Maluca

My Red Hot CarvSquarepusher

Jamie – hard not to be a massive fan of Tom Jenkinson’s production and bass chops. this being his take on pop and UK garage in a precise arrangement. its fun, glitchy and grinds in all the right places.

Squarepusher - My Red Hot Car

Go Deep – Janet Jackson

Kamilah – I’m not a clubber….but I AM a house party girl. give me a house with tunes, a couch to sleep on when I want to nap between dancing, with food in the kitchen, and hello, I’m your girl. so we have to Go Deep. an essential house jam experience. the accentuating strings, the quirky percussion, synth bass – I’m in love. its sexy and flirtatious, paired with quirky storytelling and groove. yes, please.

Janet Jackson - Go Deep

Automatic – Pointer Sisters

Jamie – a toss-up between this and George Benson’s ‘Give Me the Night’. 
Classic powerhouse 80’s tune Kamilah and I bonded over and has been the perfect final tune at one or two of our Sunday Afternoon Social parties in Toronto.

and at the end of the night..

Natural Collie  – Freddie McGregor 

Kamilah – okay… when this comes up I have to sit down and chill. he is talking about some heavy things, the song is a cry for help. but it’s composed with such a gentle embrace. so I’d play this at the end as everyone’s going to sleep or going home. thank you, Freddie McGregor, for the 3 minutes and 54 seconds of peace you put into the world. we need it! 

Tush – Don’t Be Afraid (Do Right Music)

Canadian duo Tush returns to Do Right Music with two vibrant, disco-tinged cuts entitled ‘Don’t Be Afraid’. Kamilah Apong & Jamie Kidd, aka Tush, are a fast-rising indie disco outfit that has been turning out warehouse parties and festivals across their hometown of Toronto and beyond. Their debut EP, ‘Do you Feel Excited?’ has been steadily gaining attention from the underground dance community around the world, most notably from house veteran Osunlade, who blessed them with a remix of their epic ‘Oh My’ last summer. Now they are back with a fresh new single, ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ on Do Right Music following artists such as Blood Wine or Honey, The Soul Motivators, Maylee Todd, Jill Peacock and many more. Don’t Be Afraid is atmospheric slow-burner with underlying rhythmic pulsations which smoothly transition into an uplifting gospel-infused disco track with Kamilah on lead vocals – “Ultimately, the song is about having the courage to love defiantly, urgently, and with intention,” explains Kamiliah. ‘Into You’, then rounds things off with signature cosmic vibes, sensuous vocals and shooting synths that continue to rise throughout.

Out Now… Tush – Don’t Be Afraid (Do Right Music) Cat No: DR082 Format: Digital