Back To Mine with VNTM Live

Playing live is certainly somewhat of an art in itself, however young and talented Dutch performer VNTM seems to take this in his stride, producing mind bending sets, gripping his audience from the off. 

With a recent release on Second State alongside Tahko, we saw it a relevant time to find out what goes on back at home with VNTM Live…

Rival Consoles – Them Is Us

When I’m at home and not in the mood for techno or heavier music I mostly listen to downtempo electronica and more relaxed music. 
Rival Consoles is one of those acts that never dissapoint with new releases, so it had to be on my top10 list!

&Me – Rapture pt 2

You can never do any harm with playing any of the Keinemusik guys’ stuff when I’m around, seen them live a few times and they never fail to amaze me. The piano in rapture pt 2 is so good, instant feel good track!

&ME - The Rapture Pt.II

Tom Demac – Serenade

This track by Tom Demac could easily be part of a movie score, using piano and strings as the main melodic elements with a dance induced low-end. 

Tom Demac - Serenade (Official Video)

Tale Of Us – Notte Senza Fine (Kiasmos Remix)

I have stated many times before that I’m a big fan of Olafur Arnalds, in both his more classical pieces as well as his work with Kiasmos.
This is a nice record to play early in the day and to dream away a little!

Tale Of Us - Notte senza fine (Kiasmos Remix) [DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON]

Idealism – Both Of Us

I made a playlist at home especially for sunday mornings, chill music to listen to at home (also when having a hangover). Mostly downtempo hiphop beats and jazzy influences without too much stuff going on, and this track by Idealism has been one of the anthems on that list at home.

Idealism - Both Of Us

Kazam – Swag On

Another one from that list, the title would suggest a little more bad-ass vibe because of the “swag” but in fact it’s really nice and relaxed but it does has some cool atmosphere to it. 

Chaos in the CBD – 78 to Stanley Bay

A few months ago one of my friends showed me “lo-fi house”, something I had not been paying much attention to until that point. At first I felt it was kinda annoying that tracks were made to sound old and “crappy” on purpose, something that’s against my nature as a producer. But with this track in particular the hihats first annoy you but after a while when that trumpet flows in, the mood changes and it all started to make sense to me.

Chaos In The CBD - 78 To Stanley Bay (Original Mix) (HD)

Floating Points – ARP3

I don’t really feel much words are needed to explain why this is on my list, sit back and relax for 9 minutes and enjoy the ride and float away

Floating Points - ARP3

Folamour – Petit Prince Du Macadamv

Folamour is one of those artists that always manages to find the best samples probably from old vinyls and classics, House, Jazz, Disco, Funk and Hip-Hop… All of it is in his records!  

Folamour 'Petit Prince Du Macadam'

Cubicolor – No Dancers (Adam Port Remix)

Most of my list is really downtempo, but this last one is a bit more energetic. As I said earlier you can’t go wrong with keinemusik, same goes for this Adam Port remix. I heard this a few times on the dancefloor, and it’s one of those records that I keep playing over and over again. It’s deep, melancholic and works like a charm everywhere I heard it!

Cubicolor - No Dancers (Adam Port Remix)

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