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Zee Eli

Art of Noise – Close (to the Edit)

“Art of Noise were an avant-garde synthpop group formed in 1983, we got really inspired by there approach to recording sounds and productions” .


Crazy P – Never Going to Reach Me (Hot Toddy Remix)
“Crazy P & Hot Toddy are our hero’s ! One of the best live bands around and this tracks really sums up what they’re all about !!”

Daryl Hall & John Oates – I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)
“This track always reminds us of playing at Bestival last year, We dropped this track as our last song and whole Bollywood tent had it off !!

Gary Numan – Cars
“Great song, great production, an absolute classic !”

The Heavy – How You Like Me Know
“Can’t wait to see these guys play out live this year!”

Marvin Gaye – I Heard It Through The Grape Vine
“An absolute CLASSIC !!, We heard this played at DC10 in Ibiza and whole place went fucking mental with people climbing the walls with excitement & happiness !”

Mr Scruff – Music Takes Me UP   
“Mr Scruff’s DJ sets are always something special and highly recommended !! And Alice Russel’s voice is spectacular as always, especially her work with the Quantic Soul Orchestra”

Archie Bell & The Drells – Strategy
“We found this record at a car boot sale for 50p, it’s an amazing track and always put’s a smile on people’s faces when we’ve played it out”

People’s Choice – Do It Anyway You Wanna
“We get allot of inspiration and idea’s from all the music from this genre, the grooves and hooks are something out this world !”



Zee & Eli
The Hidden Truth EP (& Climbers / Balcazar & Sordo Rmxs)

ZiiZii Records drops it’s inaugural release entitled ‘The Hidden Truth’ by Zee & Eli this September.

Hailing from the UK South Coast ZiiZii Records encompasses a dark edginess to its debut release, an aesthetic often found in contemporary British house music. Zee & Eli have been developing their house meets nu-disco sound for several years and to this day have released their raw analogue tracks on labels such as Flumo and Ponton alongside the likes of Magit Cacoon, Tom Demac and Alex Arnout.

‘There’s No Love’ opens the release, lead by airy vocal murmurs, heavily delayed with spacious reverbs to create an intense atmosphere. Italo-Disco style synth melodies swell for several minutes before a monstrous sub bass-line is introduced adding a whole new level of depth and character to the composition.

‘Something Strange’ follows, punchy drums leap in from the off resulting in a penetrating energy, shot sharp stabs are worked In and sporadically modulated to permeate the groove. The duo’s production savvy is demonstrated further with subtleties such as minute delays and reverbs to create a profound background foundation.

‘2Fuk’ veers in to darker territories with resonant acid squeaks and dark organ stabs; the enigmatic feel is further fuelled by low-pitched vocal cuts, warbling delays and white noise sweeps.

Mexican production duo ‘Climbers’ of Culprit fame rework ‘2Fuk’ to great effect, stamping their slo-mo disco touch on the original number. A chunky rolling bass-line lays at the forefront driving the track while bright synth lines ebb & flow throughout.

Closing the release another Mexican alliance, ‘Balcazar & Sordo’ remix ‘There’s No Love’, having released music with the likes of Dirt Crew, No.19 Music and Noir the pairs eminence in the industry is self-evident and they’re clearly an apt remix choice for such a style. The cut is deeply energetic with an unfathomable intensity. A heavy-duty bass-line pumps alongside trippy atmospheric synths while the use of live vocals formulates a unique twist on its primitive state.

This an exciting debut for ZiiZii Records and they clearly have an ear to the ground for au courant House and Disco, making them worth of your attention.

Zee & Eli’s ‘The Hidden Truth’ is out on ZiiZii Records 5th September 2012.

Soundcloud embeds : http://soundcloud.com/ziizii-records/sets/zii001/