Russ from K-Klass pics out some home comforters…

1. THE LOTUS EATERS  “The Fist Picture Of You”   (Syjvan)
The sound of early eighties Liverpool in all its glory.One of my alltime favourite tracks.

2. TALK TALK  “Its My Life”
Under-rated band in my opinion with this their best moment among many…often covered of late but never bettered.

3. SOLO MUSIC feat. KIMBERLEY  “Fade”  (Wave)
Just simply a beautiful piece of music that sounds as good on the dancefloor or at home.

A compilation of some classic soul and disco tracks from the 80`s…..Title gives it away really!!

5. NEW ORDER  “International”  (London)
All of their finest moments for you to sing along to.

6. DAVID GREY  “White Ladder”
Songwriting of the highest order.He has one of those voices that just grabs me.
7. KEANE  “Hopes And Fears”  (island)
If ever a album has grown on me its this one.My dipping of toe into the indie thing.

K-Klass feat Rosie Gaines ‘Dance With Me’ is out July 25th on suSU