1. Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up – Curtom

My favorite song of all time without a doubt, it never fails to hit the spot for me no matter what time of day or night it gets played. The LP version is 9 minutes of pure funky heavenly goodness. I apologise for anyone on my social media feed as I post it far too regularly, just sometimes no other track will do.

Move on Up (Extended Version)

2. Future Sound of London – Papua New Guinea – Jumpin & Pumpin

I’m not sure what to say about this really as it speaks for itself loud and clear. The whole Accelerator LP was a game changer for me, sublime.

The Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea HD (Offical Video)

3. TC 1992– Funky Guitar – Union City Records

The FPI Project guys with the great Justin Robertson involved too, fantastic. Found this on a UCR compilation called ‘ olours’, every track is a belter. Takes me back to a time in my life when we formed a group of friends  whoI still see as often as possible, but not often enough. When I close my eyes I can see my mate Spanna sliding across a dance floor to this, my mate Scott dripping with sweat and my now long suffering wife Marita with her hands in the air grinning from ear to ear, the best of times.  

TC 1992 – Funky Guitar

4. Gypsy – Funk De Fino – Limbo Records. 

I can’t stay away from this track. I’ve been playing it regularly for nearly 30 years. Awesome pads that just bounce and pulsate throughout the track, it just gets better and better as it builds. Takes me back to many a good time, with the finest of friends, great vintage 1994.

Gypsy – Funk De Fino

5. Rhythim Is Rhythim – Strings Of Life – Transmat

Derrick May’s classic. I’m a sucker for strings and a piano and no track does them better than this. Christian Prommer’s Drumlesson version for a jazz rework is also brilliant.

Rhythm Is Rhythm – Strings Of Life – 1987

6. Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows – RAM Records

My mate old mate Noddy bought me a mix tape for my birthday back in 1993 when we spent a summer living in Kent picking fruit. This was the first track on the tape, it blew my mind. Andy C at his finest, timeless classic.

Valley of the Shadows

7. Primal Scream – Primal Scream – Higher Than the Sun (A Dub Symphony in Two Parts) – Creation Records

This takes me back to a time when a few friends and myself used to jam in a small attic in Preston surrounded by old synths, guitars, friends and records. This 12” would get played night after night. The late great Andrew Weatherall, Primal Scream, The Orb and Jah wobble on one 12”, brilliant. It’s nearly translucent its been played so much, still sounds great though.    

Primal Scream – Higher Than the Sun (A Dub Symphony in Two Parts) (Official Audio)

8. Al Hudson & The Soul Partners – Spread Love – ABC Records

If you don’t move when this gets played you’re either deaf or dead, fantastic late 70’s disco track and brilliantly re-worked by Lenny Fontana late 90’s, then it popped up again on the awesome Hospital Records with a remix by the Nu:Tone. It’s all about the bass, love it.

al hudson & the soul partners-SPREAD LOVE

9. FPI Project – Risky – ZYX

Yet again, I’m harking back to the early 90’s. I was working in a nightclub in Preston called ‘Buzz’ and the resident DJ was DJ Welly who made the splendid ‘Ultimate Seduction’. Before he arrived to do his stint on a Saturday night, I used to blast this to an empty club week after week, fond memories.

10. The Stranglers – Golden Brown – Liberty Records

One of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. Full of pathos, takes me back to my childhood and moves me everytime. I picked it up in an Oxfam for 25p or something daft, so many great buys from trawling charity shops over the years, some not so great too.

The Stranglers – Golden Brown (Restored Music Video)

Quentin Kane & Simon Sheldon – The Blue Room (Kaidi Tatham’s Shokazuku Remix) – BBE

Had to get this in, not for our contribution, but for both TK Blue on flute and Kaidi on remix duties. Kaidi is releasing gem after gem and he definitely worked his magic with this track, we’re super chuffed with the way this turned out. To top it it off Neroli label head honcho Volcov included it on his ‘From the Archive 2’ compilation released on the stellar BBE label, result.

Quentin Kane & Simon Sheldon feat. TK Blue – The Blue Room (Kaidi Tatham's Shokazuku Remix)

Simon Sheldon ‘The Four of Swords’ Album will be released on July 10th 2020 on The Freebooter Lounge.