While many were forced to slow down in 2020, Cowlam continued to press forward at velocity with his releases receiving regular support from Pete Tong, Cristoph, Lane 8, Blueprint, Josh Samuel and many more. Next up Cowlam joins renowned Milan party label Pervhertz for their second ever release. We sat down with Cowlam to discuss his upcoming release and find more about the man behind the music…

Great job on the EP we’re really enjoying this, such an emotionally raw release – Can you tell us how this release with Pervhertz came about?

Hi Guys, Thank you for having me! The release came about when label owner Cristian dropped me a message on Instagram about his new label Pervhertz which was in the works of being created. He asked me for an EP and if I would like to sign to the label, of course I jumped at the opportunity for such a renowned brand.

What was the inspiration behind each track on the release?

‘Your Heart’ – this track was already made as an instrumental and it wasn’t until Pervhertz contacted me and asked for something with a lead vocal, I then found the vocals flicking through samples and this vocal sat beautifully with the track arrangement. I also found when playing with some leads for the track the sound really stood out.

‘Sands of Time’ – This track was created with the emotion of the lockdown and everything going through my mind at the time. I just wanted to create something quite dark and progressive, ideas just seemed to flow and ‘Sands of Time’ was created.

What was the process in the studio making this EP?

With every other track I create I start off with my drums, then add in other elements whether it be the pads, leads or bass.  For ‘Your Heart’ it was the lead which followed the drums, as I created this part I added the arpeggiator to give the track movement. With all my productions I use the VST serum.

How have you managed to stay productive from a creative aspect, throughout the pandemic?

I have found myself just going for long walks which sometimes help me get an idea in my head whether it be listening to other music or just thinking of new ideas from scratch. Also I’ve been collaborating with a lot of new producers which has given me some great new ideas to go on with.

Any tips for producers struggling to find inspiration out there at the moment?

I would definitely say you have to keep strong and stay positive just let ideas flow and make good music. Make the music you want to hear and don’t let any label put you down just because your music isn’t right for them. Your sound could be the big track of tomorrow – just keep grinding and pushing yourself.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

I listen to all different genres mainly progressive house, melodic techno and electronica. Some of the artists who have been my favourites at the moment are Cristoph and Franky Wah.

You’ve got to pick six people to party with at an after party, dead or alive – who are they?

Eric Prydz , Freddie Mercury , Sylvester Stallone , Hulk Hogan , Richie Hawtin , Ronaldo

Can you share any exclusive bits of news in your 2021 plans?

As you can expect my releases are coming thick and fast. I have releases coming out on OC & Verde’s label Sequence Music and some amazing collaborations with my good friends Donnerstag and Jordan Gill.

Thanks for taking the time out to speak with us and let’s hope 2021 brings us all more joy than 2020 right!?

Again thank you for having me. Yes I hope we get back to some form of normality soon, as the vaccines are rolling out to everyone. Stay safe!


Cowlam ‘Your Heart EP’ is out now on Pervhertz, purchase and streaming links here:


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