Back To Mine with Jack Swoon

Hailing from South London, much remains unknown about this raw UK talent other than his unique style of underground house blended with a melodic sensibility unique to himself. As he releases his new single ‘Blue Lady’ on Three Six Zero Recordings, DMCWORLD dive in for a cool Back To Mine shuffle…


Artist: Letherette

Track Title: Woop Baby

Why: This is my morning song! Whenever I wake up and I’m not quite ready for the day I slap this on and it sorts me right out. It has that old school “cool” feel to it, makes you feel like a superstar.

08 Letherette - Woop Baby [Wulf]

Artist: Cubicolor

Track Title: Points Beyond

Why: This track is my Sunday chillout track. If I ever have to clean the studio or even my house I put this on loud, zone out and get to work. Love the processing on the vocal, it adds such a spacey vibe to it.

Cubicolor - Points Beyond (Official Lyric Video)

Artist: Khazali

Track Title: Comfort

Why: Date night vibes. Just an all-round beautiful song. I think Khazali is an amazing artist too, he’ll be one to watch over the next few years. This song, with the Mrs, a nice dinner and a glass of 2019 Cab Sav you can’t go wrong.

Khazali – Comfort

Artist: Mild Minds

Track Title: Swim

Why: If you are on holiday and recovering by the pool after a heavy night at some club then this is your remedy. Great vocal and catchy synth throughout with a blissful bass.

Artist: Lords of the Underground

Track Title: Chief Rocka

Why: This track got me into Hip Hop in the early 90’s. It’s timeless and still sounds good today. It’s the ultimate “back to mine” afterparty vibe. The bass is just sick! It’s something that I try implement in my own productions.

Lords Of The Underground - Chief Rocka

Artist: The Prodigy

Track Title: Out Of Space

Why: Nostalgia! This reminds me of being a teenager at Roller City in Tottenham with my cousins trying to take the big ramp when I could barely skate as it was. This song was probably the first dance track that I remember really being into.

The Prodigy - Out Of Space (Official Video)

Artist: Tupac

Track Title: Do For Love

Why: This is the epitome of vibes. Again, with the bass line and then the legend himself Tupac doing what he does best. Such a great use of sampling. I don’t smoke but If I did this song would be the one that I do it to (haha).

2Pac - Do For Love (HD)

Artist: Nirvana

Track Title: Polly

Why: To be honest If I could of, I would have put the whole Nevermind album on this list, but I can’t so I have picked Polly because even as an emotional pubescent teen I remember being blown away by the simplicity of the song. Just Kurt and an acoustic guitar, magic!

Nirvana - Polly (Audio)

Artist: Rick James

Track Title: Give It To Me

Why: Classic! I’m a huge Motown and Soul music fan. I could have done another list with just this genre to be honest. This one stands out to me again because of that funk style bass line (I’m starting to see a pattern here) the brass and strings also massively appeal to me. I always remember hearing this around my home when I was a child, good vibes through and through.

Rick James - Give It To Me Baby (Official Music Video)

Artist: Linkin Park

Track Title: Crawling

Why: I’m also a big Rock/Metal/NuMetal fan as well, everything from these guys to Limp Bizkit, System of a Down, Metallica, Slipknot the list is extensive. I chose this song because it was the first time, I ever heard Rock mixed with Rap with an element of DJing in there with the scratching and synths. For me it was a perfect culmination of all my favorite things. Also, they have an AMAZING reworked version by Mike Shinoda himself that appears on their Reanimation album entitled ‘Krwlng’. The strings in that are just amazing.

Crawling [Official HD Music Video] - Linkin Park