Blinders has so far achieved significant successes on the EDM scene with his work appreciated and supported by the likes of Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Tiesto and Afrojack. With his official remix of “So Far Away” by Martin Garrix and David Guetta already receiving over 2 million plays on Spotify alongside his club bangers “Snackecharmer” and “Okami” smashing dancefloors around the world, it’s fair to say Blinders has a very bright future. DMCWORLD check in for a tasty world exclusive as he releases his sixth (!!) track of 2020…

Words by Dan Prince

A huge welcome to DMCWORLD to one of the most prolific producers of 2020!! ‘Motorsport’ marks your 6th single of this weird old year. Drift cars, supercars and motorcycles are all key here and you had to dive into your childhood electro collection for help. Please talk us through the history and sound of the track…DMC love it!

Hello! Thank you for having me here. The inspiration for this track was obviously motorsport like you said. I did a lot of research to find a sound of a vehicle that will fit to this song. I wanted to keep this track in a midtempo genre and create a gritty electro character from older electro music. As a teenager I used to listen to a lot of electro stuff, so I went back to my CDs collection to recall myself my favourite ones. Albums from Gesaffelstein, Boys Noize, Justice, Chemical Brothers etc. gave me a lot of inspiration.

Loving everything about the video for ‘Motorsport’, your girlfriend designs most of your artwork and even helps choosing the track names. What input did she have with this release?

We start our ideas with a brief so she can have all materials in one place and she decides which way she wants go. So it was a big brainstorming as always and we finally had something like a storyboard and key visual for the video. From that moment Ada could start working on the motion picture. The video is made by her drawings created separately frame by frame… it’s like a few thousands of drawings! I think it’s an amazing project and it gives a lot of extra spark to the track.

Blinders - Motorsport (Official Video)

You started exploring production aged 16 with your younger brother, just for fun to begin with. Did your brother follow you into music, what did your family think of your career choice?

Yes! My brother still loves electronic music, and when we have house parties we always play b2b sets just for fun! He just took a different path of life. Regarding my family – I think they were cool with that. It took a lot of time before I left my job to start a DJ career, so it was kind of a natural process I guess.

What was your first major step into the music industry?

I think making a remix for Axwell. Shout out to him for giving me the chance back in the days!

If music hadn’t have been your life path, what do you think you would have done for a career?

I love to do a lot of things that could be great for a lifetime job. But as I studied graphic design and I love playing with 3D for fun, I think it could be probably this.

Tell us 5 big tunes in your box this weekend…

Habstrakt – Gotta Be – a classic Haby vibe and I love the house feeling in it

SWACQ – Holy House – my brother from another mother did a track and it’s dope

Kryder, Tom Starr, Ebson – Waiting On My Love – this reminds me a classic piano house music

Howling – Healing – Just amazing in every way

Sławek Jaskułke – Music For Canvas VI – a very emotional piano song

Okay let’s dig deep for a moment…

What is your favourite film of all time?

Damn Dan, these questions are the heaviest ones! It’s hard to say one title, but I love a lot of Tarantino’s movies.

Best album ever made?

Same difficulty level here. For this time I will pick timeless albums from Justice (Cross) and Gesaffelstein’s “Aleph”.

Happiest moment of your life so far?

Probably being born so I can experience a lot of happy moments! That was a smooth answer right?

Pretty good! Your teenage fantasy crush?

I don’t remember this, but I always loved brunettes.

Ha! Last time you cried…

I think when someone close to me passed away…

Three years ago you were asked by DJ Mag to choose your favourite artist you would like to collab with. You chose Lorde. Who do you pick as we approach 2021 and why?

It’s the same way of thinking. It would be an honor to work with someone like her. There is a lot of great voices in pop music industry right now and making beat for any of them is something amazing.

I live on the island of Ibiza and have many Polish friends. It is always the Polish guys who are the last to go to bed after partying…where do you get your hardcore stamina from?!?!

I think we have something in our Polish genes that gives us energy to party hard, haha.

And finally, what is coming next from you studio wise…

As always I can’t say too much but I’m working on some crazy collaborations and solo tunes for 2021. Stay tuned.

Thank you dude. Appreciate your time!

My pleasure! Thank you!